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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on March 20, 2018 at 9:35 AM

Since the invention of the Gutenberg Press the forces of evil have tried their level best to prevent the free exchange of ideas. The deep state is no different. Their lies are easily exposed with the application of the laws of logic. Their only option is to smash the press. In the modern computer era that means removing you from forums popular in cyberspace. Shephanie and Jack are true American patriots. I am a writer to The Government Rag as well. We are in a war for the hearts and minds of WE THE PEOPLE. Most of them have no idea there is one being waged. The very fate of the republic and its people are at stake. Will you sit on your ass and watch its demise or will you mount your steed and herald the cry the globalists are coming the globalists are coming? In the previous rendition the phrase included to arms.

The latest false flag shooting tried to eliminate them from the people. Your choice is enslavement or liberty. Will the domestic enemies prosper? Dump your stock in Facebook, abandon Paypal, buy arms, demand an administration of, by and for the people that treats treason the way it should with the gallows. For if the traitors win, you will swing yourself. I wrote a piece on the NEW JEWS. You see everything happening here happened then. It is the beginning stage. Cleanse yourself from the treasonous acts before they send you to the showers again. Freedom of speech and the right of assembly and freedom of association are as fundamental as the right to bear arms. Those desiring to ban the arms are after all the rights of WE THE PEOPLE. Don't be so naive as to think the right to life is not under assault as well from the cloistered enemies. 

Dear Readers and Followers,

The Government Rag, Educational Alternative News has been attacked by trolls and disinformation agents on our social media sites in regards to posting the truth about the Florida shooting. These trolls are instructed to target those who are exposing the enemies who put out disinformation and help move forward the liberal movement to strip Americans of their First Amendment Rghts of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. Most targeted are those who are Citizen Journalists. There are very few Citizen Journalists in America today. The very few are targeted and harrassed by those who steal other social media names and their profile pictures to harrass and try to get others to submit to total censorship.

Since the Parkland, Florida shooting, our exclusive alternative media website, which was brought to life in 2009, was attacked by domestic terrorists in an attempt to strip us, and our writers of Freedom of Press, while they are unlawfully and criminally helping the enemies re-write the Second Amendment to suppress Americans from owning guns, help in the legislative process of stripping Citizen journalists of the Freedom of Press, and moving forward with their staged events and lies to control every person into submission.

They have had an agenda since the 2011 Tucson shooting to incorporate mental illness with gun control. The only thing is… mental illness is a service industry the Obama Administration built which includes labeling Freedom of Speech , or anything the Jewish infiltrators label “hate speech” as means to disarm more Americans. It is time to wake up. With total alarm, President Trump said the following:

“Most importantly, we want to discuss the public safety in schools and public safety, generally. But school safety. We can’t have this go on,” the President said.

“But we will turn our grief into action,” President Trump continued. “We have to take steps to harden our schools so that they are less vulnerable to attack.” The President specifically mentioned better regulating of bump stocks, addressing mental health concerns, and improving early warning response systems to help diminish the risk of violence."

Does Trump know there is NO SUCH THING AS A GUN FREE ZONE?

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Folks, this is exactly in line with what the infiltrators said, which I wrote about in my article, THE CORRELATION BETWEEN THE LAS VEGAS SHOOTING AND THE HEARING PROTECTION ACT

In 2011, I physically investigated the Loughner shooting false-flag, which used a patsy as an avenue for those who are still performing the false-flags today. They killed Judge John Roll, who would have stood in their way of launching their hard hitting campaign to rewrite the Second Amendment. The goal/agenda is and has been to strip Americans of their rights of the First Amendment-- Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press and strip Americans of their Right to bear Arms. They are running scared because some of us have figured it out and have been exposing the truth as Citizen Journalists for many years. These trolls find Facebook pages, and then steal their names and their profile pictures for the purpose of harrassing and taunting those in the position of gaining power through a truth movement.

The Government Rag is an alternative media news source. We have been telling the world about the disturbing infiltration of domestic enemies and their plot to overthrow our Great Republic for a long time. We are one of the few left who tells our readers and followers the truth. We are now infiltrated by scumbag domestic terrorists, and most hold dual Israel/US Citizenship and their agenda to destroy the United States of America. The land of the Great Republic....

We are living in times where the enemy has ended up on domestic soil. Our founding fathers warned us about these snake-eyes infiltrators. We have not seen such infiltration since the Revolutionary War. All these years later, in 2018, we are becoming aware of this type of enemy infiltration. It is an infiltration which promotes and is pushing straight-up Communism upon thePeople of this Great Republic.

America has been infiltrated with dual-citizens, which is in full swing; their goals are straight up to help destroy America and to kill, murder, and imprison all Americans. A dual citizenship which consists an Israel-America citizenship. These are the ones which are in charge of making sure the Jewish Agenda to disarm America, stripping all of our constitutional rights are demolished and buried forever. Most especially, the First Amendment, the right of Freedom of Speech and the Right to Freedom of Press, while criminally re-writing the Second Amendment so they can have a record of every American owning a firearm. (Dual-Citizenship in regards to those performing the False-flags and pushing for more gun control and mental illness agenda).

America is facing a time where we live in a world where those who want to conquer us have created avenues to escalate the blindness they want us to face, while stealing our wealth, way of living, our Constitution, our rights, and have total control over our entire movements. Blindness because they want us to be afraid and they are using ‘patsies’ to scare people into beLIEving we need more background checks, more control, more reasons to deny Americans of our Second Amendment. It is a plot…

Even those who are discharged from the military are immediately declared with mental illness, which will prevent them from owning a weapon. Is this the greatest plot of deception America has ever faced? I am sure x-military men will agree… In addition, the enemies think age 18 is too young to own a weapon when you can be drafted into the Military at 18 and possess a firearm and go to war for the Banksters?

Americans, did you think we would ever face a time where our Constitutional Rights were so attacked and because they have indoctrinated the country, through Operation Mockingbird to sleep through the whole take-over of the planned Jewish Agenda to destroy America, strip our individual rights to have a Right to bear arms, as well as speak our minds and opinions through our First Amendment Right to speak what we want and our Right of Freedom of Press to tell the public what the truth is? Freedom of Press was and has been Americas way to expose corruption and report the truth...

In the last week, the following attacks have occurred on The Government Rag and it’s contributing writers. It is a time we must take a stand, speak out, call our legislators, and tell everyone - - family, friends, partners, and associates what is happening and to stand up against these enemies. There are times and reasons why Americans must remain armed...

Contributing Writer, Jack Mullen has been attacked by trolls and his Fb page has been suspended for telling the truth about the Florida school shooting false-flag...

Trolls Report The Government Rag's Facebook Page

*** UPDATE - Since publishing this article, Paypal has shut down our donations account.


In love for America,

Stephanie Sledge

The Government Rag

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