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Posted by George Freund on December 10, 2017 at 9:35 PM

On the eve of apocalyptic change the military industrial complex personified by Google has decided to remind us once more that the stage is being set for war on a microscopic scale. Robert Koch was one of the great microbiologists. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1905. That is a very important year for two principle events the Russo Japanese War which the Japanese won after a naval battle destroyed the Russian fleet and the revolution in Russia where Imperial troops fired on the citizens. The Duma was established as a result. Korea was ceded to Japan as a protectorate with a secret agreement between Secretary of War Taft and the Prime Minister of Japan. This opens a portal to Korea being another epicenter in world events. It can come as no surprise then that Kim Jong Un is developing weapons of mass destruction. They tell us they are nuclear, but he has an enormous bioweapons program as well, and the prophecies of Gang Il-Sun are very specific about both. Cities will be consumed by fire and a great plague will decimate the invading armies. They will carry the plague home. 

The NWO is hell bent to eradicate the human vermin from the biosphere. They will use war, famine and disease as they have always done in the past. In fact another portal is opened by Robert's service as a surgeon in the Frano-Prussian War. Some patterns seem to systemic in human relations. Geopolitical choke points manifest all through time and determine adversaries. His service was in Poland much closer to the front as they would say. Today's war will involve all of Europe. Many of the battlefields may well come back to life. However, Russia may well now be the adversary to the united Europe project. 

In a previous doodle Robert's protege Julius Petri was the sentinel to the future in his doodle. The same stern warning of an impending plague quite likely released in battle as a weaponized germ was communicated. 1905 was also a very noted year for revelations from Albert Einstein. That adds a little to the fire desolation of cities in the Gang Il-Sun prophesy. Kim Jong-un has been photographed on his pale horse as part of the ride of Revelation. Tuberculosis, cholera and anthrax were Robert's specialties. They may well be waiting in the wings for the new drama about to unfold. The future is like a culture in the Petri dish. It just waits for some sage to look at it through the microscope. Welcome to the Cafe. We peer to steer our way clear of impending doom. 

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