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RAF crew write 'Love from Manchester' on side of Hellfire missile on its way to blast ISIS targets in Syria

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 25, 2017 at 2:50 PM

The message 'Love from Manchester' was written on a Hellfire missile destined for ISIS

The defiant note on missile was initially believed to be a social media hoax

However RAF bosses confirmed its veracity with MailOnline this evening

Was the brainchild of a drone squadron based at a secret location in Middle East

Followed Monday night's terror attack in Manchester that claimed 22 victims


Childish pranks from adult killers. How sweet. Satan must laugh with delight. Where do our leaders get away from The Commandments to condone their murderous wrath? They don't. Neither do you. Why are we bombing Syria when the alleged terrorists came from Libya? Madness does need an answer.

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