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Posted by George Freund on September 28, 2014 at 6:40 PM

Something appears to be afoot. The NWO has released the hounds across the full spectrum of the global theater. The media are pounding the war drums for ISIS ad infinitum ad nauseam. It appears most of the great NATO partners can lay claim to a beheaded. All have used these events which were most likely manufactured war propaganda events as a casus belli for military action, but isn't it always that way. The war photograph is the greatest weapon in existence to mobilize a populace for the desired conflict of the state. We fall for an emotional stimulus every time without ever allowing ourselves to be critical. With the beheading video we must scream fake because there's no blood as two of the body's major blood vessels are severed. Is that important? At least the devils edited out the gory stuff. They may be sadistic deranged psychopaths, but at least they know the limits of human decency for TV.

You know something is cooking because they bringing out the BIG GUNS. The number one intelligence asset of al MI6DA has to be Samantha Lewthwaite the notorious white widow of 7/7 bomber Germaine Lindsay. The July 7th event was a black ops from the get go with the exact stations practicing terror drills. All the events went live real fast. Of course it is widely accepted by free thinkers the tube attacks didn't happen as they said. One witness who survived, Bruce Lait, stated there was no man with a back pack standing near the explosion. The hole blew in from underneath as well. It was a set up job and a propaganda deception of repute. That witness got to meet the Queen. That changed his perspective I'm sure. The infamous photo of the bombers was faked too. Look at what you see not what they suggest you see.

The chap at the far right has been drawn in. The one at the back too. Look at the bars on the fence. One is in front of him and one is behind. The top one enters his ears. Fake photos win wars. A Hollywood special effects man took this one apart for me. If you're really good, you can work on the pay phone. It has a clock on it. If you can enhance it, it may very well not match the time date stamp of the video. Samantha has traveled to the ISIS heartland to train suicide bombers. We outed her after the Westgate Mall terror attack in Nairobi, Kenya. She a British agent in my opinion, but then ISIS is a NATO operation. They are among friends. The Nairobi job took out top vaccine specialists. Were they in the know now that Ebola has been released?

This catch and release terrorist is Abdul Baset Azzouz or Abd al-Baset Azzouz. He was an al CIAda operative of the highest order captured by British Police in May 2006 in of all places Manchester where the Chief Constable was murdered. He was released on bail and of course fled. He fought with al Qaeda in the Libyan operation the killed Ambassador Stevens in the State Department regime change. Stevens was whacked by his own administration in a carefully arranged false flag operation. Obama's top men were on that team. If he's being called out for a return engagement, it's going to be fast and furious.

Not to be outdone the Canadians have a dog in the fight. Twenty one year old Canadian-Somali Farah Mohamed Shirdon has packed off for the sand and make videos extolling terror in the homeland U.S. soil. Having worked in a movie theater he's an expert at the film manipulation required to turn the average American into a quivering bowl of Jello at the mere mention of the ISIS name. Our intelligence agency CSIS doesn't fit the acronym game well. We might just call them al CSIS Martyr's Brigade.

The NWO order want oil the life blood of the planet. They are going to destabilize many parts of the world. Syria is the primary target under attack under the illusion of bombing the beheaders ISIS. After them we may see renewed action in the Ukraine as the Russian Empire is completely boxed in. However, these revelations tell us the time is nigh for some terror attacks. New York and Paris were revealed as targets before. I think they are high on the list. If the Satanic NWO have plans, they may very well have a blood sacrifice by the light of the blood moon. The next one is October 8th. Be prepared. They are desperate. The banking system needs blood. They'll take anybody's. It's in the cards and tagged to the blood moon.

From the Halls of London bankers
To the Shores of Tripoli;
We will fight our country's battles
In the air, on land and sea;
First to fight for might and power
And to destabilize regimes;
We are proud to claim the title
of the false flag machine.

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