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Posted by George Freund on March 29, 2015 at 3:40 PM

Father who blamed police for not stopping his daughter joining ISIS screams 'burn USA' - and stands just feet from Lee Rigby's killer - at Muslim demo

Father of one of three schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' captured on camera at rally

Abase Hussen blamed police for placing a 'heavy burden' on his daughter

But he can be seen chanting at fanatic protest alongside Lee Rigby killer

Footage shows him next to Michael Adebowale as a US flag is burned

Among the rabble-rousers was notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary

Hussen's daughter Amira Abase fled the UK last month to join ISIS

He addressed Home Affairs Select Committee in wake of her disappearance


PUBLISHED: 22:00 GMT, 27 March 2015 | UPDATED: 09:05 GMT, 28 March 2015

His face twisted in fury, Abase Hussen punches his fist into the air and launches into an Islamic war cry.

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

Once the crowd is whipped into a fever, an American flag is set on fire and held aloft by a fanatic. Video footage shows Mr Hussen desperately trying to hold the burning flag as the chanting behind him intensifies.

Abase Hussen (circled right), whose daughter fled the UK last month to join ISIS, was pictured at an Islamic protest alongside Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebowale (circled left)


Adebowale, who killed Lee Rigby alongside Michael Adebolajo, turns to reveal his face at the notorious rally


Vicious: In 2012, Abase Hussen (left) marched at the head of a violent rally held by Muslim extremists in London, taking part in the burning of an American flag


He manages to grab the flag briefly before being forced to drop it because of the power of the smoke and flames.


As the remainder of the flag burns on the ground, Mr Hussen chants ‘Allahu Akbar’.


He pushes the palm of his hand repeatedly toward the embers, rejoicing at the destruction of the stars and stripes.


Mr Hussen – the father of one of the three schoolgirls who fled Britain to join Islamic State – then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag on the floor and begins to chant and gesture toward it.


He is one of a dozen fanatics standing behind a banner which proclaims: ‘The followers of Mohammed will conquer America.’ Behind him, hundreds of fanatics repeatedly chant incendiary slogans while holding menacing black jihadi flags.


Among the rabble-rousers was notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who has led a number of Islamist groups that were subsequently banned.


Alongside him stood Michael Adebowale, one of the two Muslim converts who murdered and almost beheaded Fusilier Lee Rigby in the name of Allah eight months later.


Sinister: Also at the rally was Adebowale who went on to murder soldier Lee Rigby the following year


Respectable: Abase Hussen, pictured far right, giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee following his daughter's disappearance. The report was released this week


Abu Izzadeen, infamous for heckling former Home Secretary John Reid in 2006, also led some of the chanting.


But last month Mr Hussen gave evidence to Parliament refusing to accept any responsibility for the three schoolgirls’ actions, instead seeking to blame the police, teachers, Turkish officials and others.


In an extraordinary exchange at the home affairs select committee, Mr Hussen, who was with the families of the other two girls, denied even knowing what Islamic radicalisation was.

Cuddly: Hussen appealing for the return of his 'jihadi daughter' a few weeks ago after she ran off

‘As for me, I don’t know the symptoms even — what radicalisation is,’ he told MPs.


Mr Hussen also repeatedly blasted the Metropolitan Police for handing a letter to his daughter requesting parental permission to speak to the girls about a friend who had earlier travelled to Syria. He said police officers should have given it directly to the families.


He said: ‘I strongly disagree with the letter being given to 15-year-old girls. The word “police” by itself and “terrorism” or “counter-terrorism”, as global issues – it is a heavy burden for a 15-year-old to deal with that. We also feel that we are neglected as parents.


‘We are supposed to know these things. We are the guardians. The letter destructs our daughter, destructs our family and terrorises our children. What we want to know is: apart from this letter, what was the verbal conversation with this child? I know my daughter. She is the kind of girl who, if it is sunset, she will call me to pick her up.


‘How on earth she travelled abroad to join ISIS, is a very difficult question for us to answer – even to predicate. The letter terrified my daughter.’

The families were led by their lawyer Tasnime Akunjee, once the representative of a close associate of the Woolwich killers, who repeatedly demanded an apology.


Mr Akunjee, who has posted extremist views on his Facebook page, accused Scotland Yard of a catalogue of errors in its handling of the disappearance of the trio in February and their close friend in December.


In a 45-minute grilling in front of the families, Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was forced to apologise for failing to communicate more directly with the families. Giving evidence to the committee, Mr Hussen claimed he did not know that his daughter Amira might have been exposed to radical views.


Chairman Keith Vaz pressed him on this point, asking him: ‘Did it come to your attention in any way that they were involved in the kinds of things that it is alleged that they were involved in following this becoming public?’ Mr Hussen replied: ‘Not at all. Nothing.’


Chilling: A CCTV image of 15-year-old Amira Abase, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Shamima Begum, 15, at Gatwick Airport before they caught their flight to Turkey


Fanaticism: Footage of the controversial rally showed Mr Hussen chanting among the crowds of protesters. The demonstration, held in 2012, was led by firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Lee Rigby's killer


Extremist: The protest was led by the hate preacher and notorious rabble rouser Anjem Choudary, who made a speech saying that Sharia would take over the entire world, including America and the UK


Shocking: Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage (pictured) to see if any criminal offences had been committed


What the MPs were not told was that Mr Hussen was caught on camera in one of a wave of demonstrations that took place across the world in September 2012.


Thousands had taken to the streets to protest against an obscure film called Innocence of Muslims, criticised for ridiculing Islam.


In London, more than 150 clashed with police outside the US embassy. They included Luton radicals Abu Rahin Aziz, who is fighting for Islamic State, and Saiful Islam, who was the subject of a Channel 4 exposé called Proud and Prejudiced.


Radical: Amira Abase, 15, daughter of Abase Hussen, travelled to Syria with two other girls

Rahin Aziz has called for Theresa May to be executed, suggested that Islamic State-style executions take place in Trafalgar Square and threatened to blow up Big Ben.


Last night members of the Commons committee expressed their shock and astonishment over Mr Hussen’s activities.


Labour MP Ian Austin said: ‘It is extraordinary that this man blamed the police, the Government, the school, the Turkish government and everyone else for his daughter’s decision to go to Syria but failed to mention his own involvement in an appalling Islamist rally. Perhaps the committee should invite Mr Hussen back so he can explain what he was doing.’


Tory MP Michael Ellis, who also sits on the committee, said: ‘This will come as a surprise to those who heard criticism of the police and school. This raises serious questions about the potential negative influence on an impressionable young mind.’


Mr Vaz said: ‘It is clear that families and communities need to take greater responsibility for protecting young people who could be at risk of radicalisation.


‘Witnesses before the committee are responsible for their own statements. When Mr Hussen gave evidence, he said he had no idea that his daughter had been involved in radicalisation or had been radicalised.’


Amira fled with her friends Shamima Begum, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, from their homes in east London to Syria last month.


The trio were following in the footsteps of Sharmeena Begum, who left their school, Bethnal Green Academy in East London, to go to Syria in December.


Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage to see if any offences had been committed.

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