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Posted by George Freund on July 3, 2015 at 8:45 PM

There are historical precedents for the terms LIHOP and MIHOP. LIHOP is an acronym for Let It Happen On Purpose. MIHOP is an acronym for Make It Happen On Purpose. In order to take advantage of the Hegelian Dialectic both principles are fundamental.
American leaders are like most today. They are portrayed as semi-divine Christ like figures that can walk on water by a prostituted media. In reality, they are pretty much like the rest of us. God called us all sinners. He knew. We're learning.
It appears the concept of 'a conflict of interest' is allowed to continue without any questions asked. Various leaders and their 'former' business interests profit handsomely from generated fear. The wily terrorist group known as Al Qaeda and its infamous leader Osama bin Laden are just so crafty that there is no administration or government that can interdict his evil plans to destroy the west and our vaunted democracy.
This week one of the great psych-ops was crafted by The National Post in the form of a series of articles by Mr. Stewart Bell. On the face of it he has a great theme. There is a great underestimated evil force taking advantage of an incompetent government in Canada. A devious agent Essam Mohamed Hafez Marzouk takes advantage of our lucrative refugee system and enters Canada with forged documents. It is a national disgrace.
At least Mr. Bell concedes that Al Qaeda was a U.S. backed asset to fight the Russians in Afghanistan during the Afghan war. He concedes that the wily bin Laden  actually declared war in February 1998 by issuing a fatwah that was actually published in May of that year and made the subject of a news conference. Somehow our police and intelligence agencies missed those dire warnings. Yet these same agencies are demanding more money and more power when they can't even prevent an attack made with a series of appointments.
We concede that Mr. Marzouk trained the bombers of the African Embassies. The attack was a terrible event, but that is only a part of the story.  Where Mr. Bell let us down in his expose is that two powerful articles published in The New York Times raised some serious issues. In the first 'Nairobi Embassy Received Warning of Coming Attack' published on October 23rd 1998, we are told how nine months prior to the attack U.S . intelligence officials received detailed warnings that Islamic radicals were going to blow up the embassy. The informant, Mr. Mustafa Mahmoud Said Ahmed walked into the Nairobi Embassy the previous November with detailed revelations of the truck bomb and the attack.
The CIA wrote Mr. Ahmed off as a fabricator of information in spite of the fact he worked with a company affiliated with the infamous Osama bin Laden. After the attack, Mr. Ahmed attended the British Embassy to provide information and assist investigators. One would think he was no longer considered a fabricator of information at that time. In fact he was now considered a culprit. He was arrested and tried in Tanzania for his role in spite of the fact he was one hundred miles away when the blast occurred.

In a subsequent article 'Before Bombings Omens and Fears', U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Prudence Bushnell repeatedly warned The State Department of the threats to both her and the embassy in reports to Madaleine Albright in the spring of 1998. She asked to move the embassy to a more secure location. She asked for increased security measures. She was soundly rebuffed. 

Furthermore in the summer of 1997 the CIA identified a suspect with close ties to the Bin Laden Group. He was Wadih el Hage. Kenyan Police raided his home and seized a computer containing a letter relating to an "East African cell" of the Bin Laden Group. A cache of incriminating files were removed from the house before the raid. They probably contained evidence of the coming attack.

Another intelligence agency turned over an informant to the CIA. He revealed that the Islamic charity Al-Hamamain was plotting to blow up the embassy. The CIA Station Chief relayed the threats to embassy officials. Diplomats wanted arrests made. The Station Chief preferred surveillance.

In September of 1997 a second search in a subsequent location found nothing. Mr. el Hage was allowed to travel to the U.S.

On October 31st Kenyan Police arrested nine Kenyans in a raid. Files were seized. The U.S. deployed the Counter Terrorism Unit from Langley. They wished to interview the prisoners. The Station Chief forbade it. The prisoners were ultimately released and deported. Some Counter Terrorism Unit members were furious. The investigation was short circuited.

As in the previous article Mr. Mustafa Mahoud Said Ahmed walked into the embassy and told the CIA of the bomb plot. His role in the plot was to provide surveillance and photograph targets. He was accused of fabrication and sent away. General Zinni of U.S. Army Central Command sent a cable to the State Department warning the embassy was vulnerable to attack.

When the attack happened the truck bomb had U.S. diplomatic licence plates. The driver who threw the grenade was wearing a U.S. embassy security uniform.

So how could this attack have happened? Specific intelligence was received. No precautions were taken. Responsible authorities were ignored. An attack was allowed to happen - LIHOP. The errors were so obvious and blatant that it is not unreasonable to consider that the attack was a MIHOP. In light of the revelations of the 911 inquiries where Federal Agents were stymied in their efforts to get search warrants for a terrorist's laptop and intelligence pertaining to activity at flight schools  was ignored and kept fragmented, it isn't an unreasonable assertion. As an ally of the U.S. should it come as any wonder that an asset of the Bin Laden network moved through our society with impunity? Of course he did. He was an agent provocateur making it happen on purpose while those in authority let it happen on purpose. There is a pattern. If we don't recognize it we'll have to endure more terrorist attacks and live under the authority of a police state. Both are non-sequitur.

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