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Posted by George Freund on November 21, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Comrade Google welcomes International Children's Day November 20th a holiday originating from the World Conference for the Well-being of Children held in Geneva in 1925. It was further codified by the Women's International Democratic Federation in Moscow. The basis of course is using a noble idea and turning it into a political indoctrination tool espousing communist ideologies en route to world government. There are many dozens of International Children's Days. The 20th is recognized by Canada, many European and Middle Eastern countries including Israel. 

Our Google Doodles are notorious for carry many deeply concealed messages. This one is no different. There are two distinct cultures or civilizations apparent. Of course the cylinders with the triangles on top of them denote that. The one on the left clearly says G8 although one of the eight has left the association and sits independently. It is the bear Russia. 


G8oo is a radio station call sign. It symbolizes the message that is being sent out. The question that arises is what is the message and who has it been directed too? Since those symbols come from the G8 it is most likely from the western nations to Russia.  If we use the 'oo' and Russia symbolized by the bear in our search, we arrive at a Voice of America Somali language article about a resolution in the Ukraine which would only make sense. VOA was a CIA front to broadcast messages behind the Iron Curtain back in the day. This is the case still.

The G800 is a phone made by Samsung so the communication element of the doodle bears other aspects. The G has a cow on the side of its block. There is a G'cow prophecy posted on line. It is a satire piece, but the key element involves the prophecy. The city mentioned in this piece is Chicago. It is to be burned. A hacker imprisoned in Romania who tapped into the communications of many members of the American establishment alluded to a nuclear explosion in Chicago in 2015. 

Redcar bears is a Motorsports Park in Middlesbrough, England. The twilight significance is stunning. Middlesbrough is an iron town as well as a port producing many things including one of the most infamous ships ever made the SS Mont-Blanc which exploded in Halifax harbour December 6, 1917 causing the largest non nuclear explosion in history. Of course Halifax was destroyed. 

The other trading 'block' the Eurasion Union has animals from those regions. G is for Giraffe. L elephant E returns as a restaurant in Laos and of more interest a ship E Elephant. It is a tanker presently in the Oman Gulf awaiting orders. 

A famous painting by Salvador Dali was called The Elephants. It bears close attention because the elephant in typical Dali fashion has the legs of a stork or perhaps a giraffe. It exists in a dystopian world of the type that would exist after a large explosion. The elephants are carrying obelisks on their backs symbolizing a higher power. The Pulcino della Minerva is a famous obelisk on an elephant statue located in the Dominican's Garden. It is one of the eleven obelisks of Rome and the smallest. The elephants are the competing trading blocs jostling for dominance. They both claim the right of their might. The object to be revived is the Roman Empire or New World Order. They stand or fall at our peril because we are merely ponds on the Grand Chessboard. That is the message.

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