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Posted by George Freund on January 27, 2015 at 11:25 PM


Dear M.P.


It is said that history REPEATS! That has to be an unwritten law of the universe. On this day the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we have to ponder what was the impetus for the holocaust and the establishment of the work and death camps in the first place?


It started with the Reichstag fire of 27 February 1933. A man labelled as a communist Marinus van der Lubbe confessed under torture to the fire. To protect the seat of government Adolf Hitler had President Hindenburg pass the Reichstag Fire Decree after suspending the Constitution.


In Canada, we too have had our own version of the Reichstag fire. It involved another type of politically incorrect extremist Michael Zehaf-Bibeau allegedly orchestrating a shooting spree in our capital. Our Prime Minister is coming to you to ask for civil liberties to be cast aside and similar enabling laws to be passed to give police agents of the state more powers.


In hindsight today Germany had to call into question the evidence and the trial of van der Lubbe. Perhaps years from now future governments will call into question the actions of Zehaf-Bibeau. Without any of the 'evidence' placed under scrutiny, he is convicted by popular opinion in the media in spite of clear and direct evidence that the alleged scenario is deeply flawed. It is flawed to such a degree that in court an acquittal could well be the outcome. I will focus on one of the many flaws.


Secretary of State examining the bullet marks


We have been told Michael was shot to death outside the parliamentary library. We were told there were a series of bullet marks left in the wall from the shooting. We have found that those marks were in the wall in April 2013 when Google made a virtual tour of Parliament for Canada Day 2013. That is a serious flaw in the evidence and establishes that the authorities requesting more powers are not presenting correct evidence in their case. It brings forth common words in psychological operations like patsy. If that is indeed the case, then the authorities requesting these new powers must be regarded as suspect.



Google virtual tour April 2013


We can make a far more extensive case on the matter that establishes many inconsistencies, and I have on many radio forums. The most glaring was the lack of blood at the crime scene of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. Two high powered rifle shots into the abdomen would have devastated the major organs and blood vessels. The blood loss would have been extreme. One of the first aiders was wearing white gloves as clean as freshly laundered. The 'victim' was supposed to be in cardiac arrest. The body of the 'victim' was completely oxygenated. For those who don't know, you turn blue during cardiac arrest. It is called cyanosis. There should be rivers of blood on the open chest. There is none. Based on what I've seen, I would submit that we were subjected to a fraud. The aorta and superior vena cava are the two freight train blood vessels in the body. Anyone who has tended an arterial bleeder knows full well why they are called shooters. The first aiders should be awash in blood. They are not. I have tended to wounds of such a nature. I know.


No cyanosis, no blood, clean white dress glove. This photo was staged and falls among the top propaganda images of all time.


We advance next to the Paris shootings. We find similar flaws. However, this time there was video of the incident. In this video it is clearly evident Ahmed Merabet is NOT shot. The image below is two full seconds after the alleged round was fired. A wading from most likely a blank strikes the sidewalk many inches from the head on the left. The smoke rises from the right. There is no wound and no blood. I can assure you a point blank shot from a 7.62 x 39 round would leave no head never mind a large crater in the sidewalk. This is a staged video. The lack of recoil and muzzle flash add a bit of science to the mix. It would negate Newton's laws of motion. If nothing recoiled back, nothing shot forward. I didn't think I was alone in physics class.


We move to the supermarket shooting for another video of the alleged terrorist Amedy Coulibaly's execution. You will note as he falls in rotation and that his hands are tied together. The AK47 sling is clearly attached to his body. He is given the coup de grace when he hits the ground. I would proffer he was being used as a patsy as well.



The bound hands and slinged rifle are clearly evidenced. The surveillance video of the Hebdo attack shown as live on French TV was clearly and unprofessionally edited. We are being deceived. The motto of intelligence services has been understood as deception. The Mossad classic is called By Way of Deception. Masters of deception want more power. If you don't want to repeat history, you mustn't give it to them. Was the man, Hindenburg, who gave the power responsible for the holocaust or the man, Hitler, who used it.? I would venture to say both. Will you bestow powers upon future men to do it again? My grandfather's sisters died in Auschwitz. He made me promise on his death bed NEVER AGAIN! I thought that was an easy one. I am no longer so sure. I doubt any of you have the moral courage to stand up for the right as our national police force is supposed to.


You must be aware that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau's father was a CIA contract agent in the Libyan regime change. His mother was employed by the federal government. He was watched, but heads were turned at a convenient moment. Amedy Coulibaly left a cryptic message on the wall outside his flat in graffiti form. There was one across the street from the raided residence in Belgium, and across the street from the Hebdo attack. They were all very precise and ignored. I studied police sciences with one of our cabinet ministers. I was the only student to say a certain high profile killer was innocent. After DNA testing came around he was precluded from the list of suspects. Numbers in opinions do not convey facts accurately. The evidence speaks for itself and takes you through the forest like a compass. It doesn't take you where you want to go or where you feel comfortable. It leads you out of the forest.


‘Coulibaly’s hideout’ - Amedy Coulibaly’s apartment in a Paris suburb.


The 4.134 is the key point. It is a range of IP addresses used by Level 3 Communications used by the NSA to hack the German internet in 2013 and the servers between Yahoo and Google. The random address I check was located in Paris, Texas.


The far left has an upside down pyramid used in writing figure of speech to prioritize writing. It is attached to a left bracket or possibly a bird symbol. The former can be used in math or computer programming. The bird symbol can denote issues of the soul and death. This symbol is used again with the one that appears like a cross but is actually a dagger. The dagger is the symbol of Operation Gladio the military assault teams that waged attacks on unsuspecting people. It denotes death, extinction, or obsolescence. Quite the message from a terrorist sensing he is about to die. In the military the dagger is placed next to the name of a soldier killed in action.


The S atop the V on the left could just mean SV a code for Saudi Arabian Airlines or even Silicon Valley close to our Los Angeles IP address. It can mean sub voce under the word or heading of perhaps the next symbols that bear resemblance to US or perhaps United States. In the United States it is a short form for significantly viewed in TV terms.


The upper writing is a British licence plate number. The halo signifies Simon Templar the notorious Saint. The lower writing is a hashtag name in use.


The graffiti at Rue de la Colline reveals future targets including a bus route in London and a conference in Australia later this year. There is also a Koran reference. We see our police and intelligence services need more power. Power to do what? Our 'terrorists' leave written records in plane sight. Yet we are at their mercy. In the battle of wits you don't need powers, you need wits. As my grandfather used to say don't let other people do your thinking for you. Another was sharpen your pencil. If you keep it sharp, there won't be another Auschwitz or holocaust because it starts with deception and the creation of fear. As the old rock song lamented, Don't get fooled again.


Mr. George Freund

Alternative Media Host

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