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Command of the National Guard to draw out "Azov" battalion from Mariupol

Posted by George Freund on August 28, 2016 at 9:25 AM

09:23, 27 August 2016

The battalion say "fighters are withdrawn in order not to interfere in surrendering military positions and entire cities"

National Battalion "Azov" on the orders of the commander of the National Guard under the order of the National Guard Commander General-Lieutenant Yuriy Allerov will be withdrawn from Mariupol. 10 days ago of the battalion was transferred to Zaporizhia region for performing absolutely extrinsical missions to special forces.


This was reported by the press service of "Azov".


"Command of the Natioanl Guard has not invented anything better than to put the "Azov" fighters to keep the watch on non-performing checkpoints and observation posts outside the ATO zone. Previously, these tasks were performed by local Zaporizhia national guards, mostly regular soldier, who are now being sent to Mariupol checkpoints in the ATO zone "- reads the statement.


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It is reported that the order on "Azov" withdrawal was signed before the celebration of Independence Day, when the front-line city demanded reinforcements.


The battalion assumed that "the withdrawal is necessary in order to Azov soldiers do not interfere with the government and pro-Russian command of the National Guard to surrender their military positions and the entire city."


As it was reported earlier, the contact group in Minsk announced the need for permanent ceasefire from 1 September.


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This is a strange bit of information. One would expect to leave these forces in place in case of hostilities. However, it appears The Ukraine is preparing for an assault that will cause them to cede territory in the first days. They are already then preparing fall back positions. Remember the battlefield must be fluid like the sea between opposing forces. It is better to have tactical advantage than to fight to the last man for the doomed inch of territory. How far back are they prepared to go is the question? I suspect once the Russian army starts to move, the Polish border may be the cut off point depending on what NATO does in response. If they interfere, action in the Baltic states will relieve the pressure and Germany's preparation warning will make good sense. If you prepare, invest the next few weeks wisely assessing your own needs just in case things escalate quickly. Should NATO warplanes and naval vessels engage Russian counterparts prepare to evacuate potential targets yourself. You don't want to be near a military base, port, or airfield.

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