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Posted by George Freund on September 13, 2014 at 11:20 AM

Back in the day when England and their former colony the United States were engaged in conflict in the War of 1812, a woman by the name of Laura Secord gained notoriety by reporting intelligence of an American attack on British forces to a Lieutenant James FitzGibbon of the British army. She walked from occupied Queenston Heights where her husband was seriously wounded in the battle the previous year to Beaver Dams where British forces established a defensive position escorted by Mohawk warriors part of the way. This journey started on the evening of June 21st and led into June 22nd. The journey was about 20 miles. This is a solstice date next year. 

Like most if not all wars, they are senseless because it is generally a case of brother fighting brother for the benefit of a power structure that is really serving no one except themselves. Laura was born in Massachusetts and her father fought in the Revolutionary War as a Patriot. They later moved to Canada and she married James Secord a Loyalist. So we are not far removed in surmising that conflict as brother versus brother. In fact her birthday September 13th is the birthday of the American anthem The Star Spangled Banner penned in the defence of Baltimore in 1814 200 years ago. A re-enactment is being celebrated.

So it would appear concealed within the doodle we are witnessing a warning of an American attack. We notice in the illustration that Laura takes a circuitous path avoiding the bear. In the modern era the bear is understood to be Russia. The various manipulators in the shadows are determined to try to goad the bear into conflict with a desired object being outflanking her. Where Canada has the beaver as a symbol, they have a species that ranges through eastern Europe as well including the Baltic states and, of course, the Ukraine. In fact their range could represent a broad front of an American led NATO attack. It is rather bizarre that the line through the Ukraine is indicative of the Russian incursion and the fraction between ethnic groups.


Since Russia is active and entrenched on this flank, another is being sought as a focal point. It was the predecessor from before Syria. The American manufactured monster ISIS is needing to bombed. Targets are destined to be in Syria. Obama has given forces direction to attack. Like the previous war, advance warning has been given. Forces are in place to repel them. They will be coming from London to the Queenston or town. They will be moving along the path of the Beaver Dams. The Syrian feint may not achieve its objectives. 

Another facet to the Laura Secord story was that she was working in the shadows. Her contribution was unknown for a few years. Lt. Fitzgibbon wrote an account later so that some ease might find her difficult life. After her wounded husband passed away, the pension he received had no survivor benefit. Queen Victoria's eldest son and heir to the throne Edward heard of her plight and gave her £100. She was supporting many members of her family running a private school that floundered after the government adopted public education. The hidden message says that pensions cannot be counted upon. In spite of our good service, we will face a struggle. Part of the warning concerns the danger of economic warfare. This event will not likely have a crown prince bailing us out. We are not out of the woods with conflict or collapse. Only those with a finely tuned ear and the courage to act will prosper. Good luck. It is like that in life. There are many paths to choose. One will lead you out of the wilderness. 

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