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Posted by George Freund on November 22, 2014 at 3:35 PM

Welcome to the world of predictive programing. Is it spontaneous or well laid out? What is the message? I dare say there is one. Follow me through space time in America's icon city New York. 

It all starts in the year 1620. The Mayflower is approaching the Hudson River. She is unable to harbor due to a shortage of supplies. She lands at Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Pilgrims have arrived. The journey through time commences. It is Thanksgiving. The Indians succumbed to new diseases for which they had no immunity. The Pilgrims were thankful. The curse was established. 

We take a giant leap forward to 1915. There was a terrible disaster. The subway tunnel collapsed after a dynamite explosion on September 22nd a 9/22 at the 7th Avenue station between 23rd and 25th Streets. That wasn't all there was a massive fire January 6th too. It happened at Broadway at 55th Street. There is a strong implication all will not be well underground in future years laid out long in advance with the first being 2015.

Next stop 1957 the year the infamous Mad Bomber George Metesky was arrested. He was active from 1941 terrorizing Con Edison for cheating him out of a disability pension. He planted 33 devices. twenty two of them exploded resulting in fifteen injuries. His targets included  Grand Central Terminal, Pennsylvania Station, Radio City Music Hall, the New York Public Library, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the RCA Building, as well as in the New York City Subway. The subway seems to be a common theme here, but the transportation grid is the ticket. One of unexploded bombs was found at the Embassy Theater at 7th Avenue and 47th Street.

On May 2nd 1968 a rather chilling advertisement appeared in the New York Times. There should be no living person today who doesn't understand the significance. The plane approaching the towers is very clear as well as the flashes near point of impact. The reference to the mountain coming to Manhattan has a parallel with the phrase concerning Mohamed and the mountain. The zip code to Governor Rockefeller's office is 10019 or the date of the attack 9/11. The office was on West 55th Street. This is a second reference. The locations are near the 7th Avenue station which leads of course to the WTC. 

Our bus 3905 exists in real time. The M106 is a real route. In this picture the sign says Flatbush the location of the other 7th Avenue station. In the cover art the word NEXT is pictured. The next year is highlighted as well 2015 not very long in coming. A stage is set. By looking at the past the future is extent. The partial plate 821 with VW the type of car yielded a schedule in an image search. Section 821 of the New York Code institutes proceedings in family law court over assault allegations. 

New York City has a VISION too for 2020. It is a comprehensive urban renewal project. I'm confident many of the older buildings are in the way and need to be 'pulled' as they say. O that the MAD BOMBER was still alive till the year 2525 if man is still alive the next stop in the advance of time.

There was a classic 60's song In the Year 2525 which corresponds to one of our future dates. Its lyrics are very appropriate to an apocalyptic future. It was the theme to the Vietnam War movie 1968 Tunnel Rats. The year 1968 is still in the sequence. The tunnel rats imply a military force working in the tunnels of perhaps the subway. 


In the year 2525, if man is still alive

If woman can survive, they may find

In the year 3535


Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie

Everything you think, do and say

Is in the pill you took today


Now it's been ten thousand years, man has cried a billion tears

For what, he never knew, now man's reign is through

But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight

So very far away, maybe it's only yesterday

2333 is a model train from the New York Central Railway. It is significant because the MAD BOMBER laid havoc to transportation terminus like Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station. So though the railway fell into history the stations are still on the horizon.

The London-based Institute for Economics and Peace Global Terrorism Index reported there were 2492 terrorist attacks in Iraq in 2013. The shadow of the number says the entity known as ISIS might be riding the bus or the train in New York next year. 6,300 people were killed in those attacks. The sign of the beast says we're proceeding along with the plan. There were 18,000 deaths world wide a 60% increase in 2013. Numerology says 9 6 6 a play on the infernal number. The bottom line is if we stand watch through the fabric of time and space, we will see the crime in time to divert it before it happens. It's in the shadows of the numbers where it always was. Nov. 24th 11 6 a NWO power number.

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