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Posted by George Freund on January 24, 2015 at 1:40 PM

‘Coulibaly’s hideout’ - Amedy Coulibaly’s apartment in a Paris suburb.

We see again a very clear message in the graffiti.  The letters and symbols in the center at the top are quite informative. It appears our 'terrorist' left his mark for others to read in a coded format in case anything should happen to him. The unfortunate part is no one takes the time or makes the effort to analyze the message save and except us. It is not that difficult. It seems quite clear to me. The first and most specific part is the number sequence on the right 4.134. Those few numbers strike to the heart of the issue. The dot or period got me thinking it was a message. The 4.134 is included in a range of IP addresses assigned to Level 3 Communications in the United States. 


4.134.4 - United States - Level 3 Communications - Search ... - is an IP address range owned by Level 3 Communications and located in United States - select an address below for more details.

4.134.16 - United States - Level 3 Communications - Search ... - is an IP address range owned by Level 3 Communications and located in United States - select an address below for more details.

That is all well and nice until we discover that Level 3 Communications was accused of wiretapping large parts of the German Internet Exchange Point DE-CIX for the NSA in July of 2013. It was also accused of tapping connections between Yahoo and Google. That's quite the trick, and it gets more specific. I searched the first one at random and found the address was located in Paris, Texas. There is an Army National Guard training facility at Camp Maxey Texas near there. There was a specific IP address listed in Los Angeles, California. 


IP address

Address type IPv4

ISP Level 3 Communications

Organization Level 3 Communications, Inc.

Timezone America/Chicago (UTC-6)

Local time 12:39:21

Country United States

State / Region Texas

City Paris

Coordinates 33.6609, -95.5555

The far left has an upside down pyramid used in writing figure of speech to prioritize writing. It is attached to a left bracket or possibly a bird symbol. The former can be used in math or computer programming. The bird symbol can denote issues of the soul and death. This symbol is used again with the one that appears like a cross but is actually a dagger. The dagger is the symbol of Operation Gladio the military assault teams that waged attacks on unsuspecting people. It denotes death, extinction, or obsolescence. Quite the message from a terrorist sensing he is about to die. In the military the dagger is placed next to the name of a soldier killed in action.

The S atop the V on the left could just mean SV a code for Saudi Arabian Airlines or even Silicon Valley close to our Los Angeles IP address. It can mean sub voce under the word or heading of perhaps the next symbols that bear resemblance to US or perhaps United States. In the United States it is a short form for significantly viewed in TV terms. Perhaps this message was hoped to be significantly viewed. So all in all I feel our terrorists were patsies called out to their impending doom and as a precaution they left a specific message to the world as to who was behind the mission in Paris. We'll always have Paris as Humphrey Bogart said on the silver screen in Casablanca until we learn to understand the writing on the wall. 

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