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Kim Jong-un Master of the Art of War North Korea's Strategy for Victory

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on September 5, 2017 at 8:45 AM

I sit back in awe watching the world spin out of control over the perceived development of nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula. I see the great powers and the addicts of mainstream media being sucked into a reality that may not really exist. I know this to be true because it is the art of war.

Masters of the art understand full well the use of the ruse. A less powerful force should be able to convince a far more powerful force that it can annihilate it. In ancient times small numbers of horsemen could raise large clouds of dust to convince an adversary that they are great in numbers. They could also entreat an enemy to believe that their location is true while moving to one or both flanks with the real power. 

Come the 21st century and the Korean peninsula and we have the same strategies being used again. A weaker force due to a lack of nuclear weapons enters a development program to convince the larger, more powerful force it has the weapons necessary to destroy the adversary. It is an intelligence coup to convince a potential enemy to believe a ruse that will lead to their defeat. The major powers and most of the world are so convinced. Kim Jong-un wins the first round. 

North Korea has a defense treaty with China. China has assured the world it will defend North Korea if it is attacked first. The most effective strategy North Korea can have to achieve its objective is to lure its enemies to attack it first so that China must go to war with the United States and its allies. Unlike the previous Korean war which was a theater conflict, this war will be a regional or even a world war.

Once China starts attacking American assets and allies, they will be forced to respond. China will have to remove their adversary's ability to wage war. That will force a major escalation of the conflict. It will involve a full and committed response from the major powers. Their own homelands will be at risk and under attack. At that point the Korean portion of the war will become a sideshow. That will be Kim Jong-un's second victory.

The peninsula will not be reinforced at least not by the western powers. Kim's massive army with whatever Chinese support it has will achieve his objective to secure the peninsula and unify the Korea's under his domination. His war will be won. The major powers struggle will still be in the early stages. After any period of time and analysis of the damage sustained, they may decide to save their surviving populations from further death and destruction and seek peace. That will not be Kim's problem. He will consolidate his victory while the western powers smolder from the effects of the battles. It may take a generation to restore the infrastructure. No one will care one bit about North Korea while they freeze, starve and suffer from egregious injuries in the dark. 

The United States has only one option to prevent this scenario. It would have to completely overwhelm North Korea's ability to wage war. With its massive conventional army that could only be assured by a massive nuclear first strike which could cause China to respond accordingly. That could mean the end of life on this planet. Kim Jong-un plays high stakes poker to be sure. 

Of course the major issue to lead to this war of unification for Korea and annihilation for the rest of the world is the ruse. North Korea convinced the world it had a viable nuclear weapon and a delivery system. It provoked the United States to attack first so that the Chinese would bear the brunt of the war to destroy its enemies and change the location of the front to off shore. So how can we be so certain the nuclear program is a ruse? It is easy. It revolves around the release of radiation. Both China and Japan report there wasn't any. Since they are on different sides that gives the report credibility. The science behind the event dictates there must be radiation. If there was no radiation, there was no nuclear weapon discharged. 

This is the effect of an underground nuclear test. It is obvious there is no containment field to prevent the release of radioactive particles which would be unique identifiers of the weapon. The ground cracks and pressure is relieved by the escape of various products of the explosion. 

We see in this 1970's era test the release of byproducts of an underground nuclear test. North Korea would be lucky to have advanced to the 1970's era of nuclear technology. There can be no mistake about detecting radioactive elements. Furthermore, the cloud would have been visible from space. The crater is visible at the bottom and is another issue. These pieces of evidence are not entered into the court of public opinion. It could very well be they don't exist. That tells us from what is not presented to the discerning mind that the tests were faked. 

Nevada test site 1980's

We see clearly the crater effect with the large fissures in the ground. This is where the smoke plumes would escape from. There would be more than enough radiation to be detected by instrument, there would be enough of a smoke plume to be photographed from the air, and there would be a resulting crater. Show us the evidence before we get sucker punched into a world war. The only evidence being brought to the court of public opinion is from the seismograph. 

Two years before North Korea's first nuclear test on April 22, 2004 there was a massive explosion near a North Korean nuclear facility. It involved two trains. It was first reported that they were carrying fuel. However, that wasn't the case. They were carrying explosives. That behooves us to reconsider the manufactured dialogue concerning the North Korean nuclear program. They set off enormous quantities of conventional explosives to get the seismographs to respond to the equivalent nuclear blast effect. There is only one major difference. There would be no radiation released which fit the evidence that has been observed. At the time I coined the euphemism WAG THE DONG based on the popular film Wag the Dog about the art of deception in the intelligence services. 

I learned a long time ago as a police investigator evidence is a compass. It doesn't take you where you want to go. It takes you where you need to go. It must fit the circumstances without malice or manipulation. We are at a crossroads where we must discern the evidence that has been both provided and worse not. Based on that evidence, we will decide if we should get sucked into a new Korean war that may be Kim Jong-un's long term strategy to unify the Korea's under his leadership. It would be reckless and brazen, but wholly within the precepts of the art of war something that can be waged both offensively or defensively. If Kim Jong-un's long term ambition is to take South Korea, then this could very well achieve the objective. The only way to stop him would be to have both China and the United States stand aside. 

From the movie WarGames: The only winning move is not to play. 

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