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Eduard Khil 83rd Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on September 4, 2017 at 10:05 AM

Eduard Khil was a Russian tenor born in Smolensk on September 4, 1934. He lived through the Great Patriotic war being separated from his mother. He was placed in a home where even food was scarce. His school was bombed, and he sang for the wounded to get by. After the war he moved to Leningrad. An opera role was Figaro in The Marriage of Figaro. This sets the stage for the message which is short and concise. Khil's memorable performance on Channel 4 on Russian TV implies For Play with the large icon to start the animated video. They are playing or toying with us. 

In The Marriage of Figaro people are assuming fake roles. It leads to the potential for conflict because the fake has not been determined. It ends with weapons drawn and people ready to fight. At the last moment the fake is discovered and the count is embarrassed. In real life there are many fakes. In fact overall everything is based upon a lie or at best a half truth. Eduard gave a message to the world

Edward Gil: "Everything is fake ..."

Maestro Varvara remembers the Soviet stage and confesses that he is not afraid of anything

Truer words were never spoken. Everything is fake. He reminisces about the dark Soviet days when thoughts had to exposed either silently or bu nuance. It is like that today as well. We live in the technological police state where the masters of the machines control every thought and idea, or at least they like to think so. We, too, must be masters of nuance and let ideas flourish in the unspoken implied frame of communication. I tend to be direct letting the words be the weapons of the liberation. 

We see Google has copied the background of the stage set with three distinct layers. There can be possibilities depending on which path we take. There is fake news controlling our rationale process. There is fake science leading us to bondage by frightening us with imaginary consequences like climate change. The climate has changed since the dawn of time. That is a natural condition. There is fake terror to facilitate wars of conquest. Then there is the strategy of deception in the art of war which includes the intelligence services manipulating consensus.

The top story in the art of war is that North Korea has nuclear weapons and a delivery system. The suppressed news is that in spite off the ground shaking their weapons don't give off any radiation. That leaves us with two possibilities. Either they have invented the green bomb or they are faking. Based on my research into their first test I've been of the opinion they are faking. Instead of wagging the dog like our propagandists, they are wagging the dong. Google's news flash to the people in the know is clear and concise. IT IS FAKE! Like in The Marriage of Figaro where a ring on a woman's finger exposes the charade, in real life it is the lack of fall out. Be embarrassed or laugh, but the only nuclear that can occur is the one we start.

If we were going to have some better writing on the wall, this would be it. We are reacting to fake circumstances. The reaction is real though and will precipitate an egregious war. In the Charlottesville Charade I referenced the original Star Trek episode Specter of the Gun. The Enterprise crew are trapped on a planet where reality is a manufactured illusion. They are forced to re-enact the gunfight at the O.K Corral. Because they believe the bullets are real, they will be killed. Because we have been trick to believe the North Koreans have a working nuclear weapon we will be killed by reacting to it. Mr. Spock says, "But you made your examination under conditions which we cannot trust. We judge reality by the response of our senses. Once we are convinced of the reality of a given situation, we abide by its rules. We judged the bullets to be solid, the guns to be real, therefore they can kill." This is the lesson of the effectiveness of fake. 

He further stated, "A fact, Captain. Physical laws simply cannot be ignored. Existence cannot be without them." There is no radiation. That is a physical law. Just like gravity in 9/11, the buildings fell at the speed of it. There was nothing supporting the structure. Planes could not do that. We can disagree about what caused the structure to disintegrate, but the physical are unchanged. It was just the propaganda that was to suit the script to Khil or not to Khil that is the only question. Cut. Wrap. 

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