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Eiko Ishioka's 79th Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on July 12, 2017 at 7:10 PM

Welcome to the future represented by the past. Today Comrade Google celebrates the 79th birthday of the late costume designer Eiko Ishioka who passed away in 2012. She was renowned in the film industry with such films as  The Cell in 2000, The Fall, Immortals, Mirror Mirror and Bram Stoker’s Dracula where she won an Academy Award. She also designed wardrobes the Broadway musical  Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Cirque du Soleil: Varekai, and the 2002 Winter Olympics and the 2008 Beijing. She was the epitome of unique designs and culture trends. 

However, here we see a very dark reflection of her work that reveals a bleak future. The costumes are from the film The Fall predominately. The title alone tells us mankind is headed for one. The film was about a silent film star who took a tragic fall and was hospitalized. He meets a young female patient recovering from a broken arm. They bond as the stuntman tells a tale of five heroes who seek revenge against an evil ruler. We push the play icon and the film reveals a bright red costume on a darkened rack. Many are to be left in the shadows it appears.

The illuminated one continues the tale. As in musical chairs we have others perhaps vying for a seat at the empty ones after the fall. The five heroes are a silent Indian warrior, a muscular ex-slave, an Italian explosives expert, Charles Darwin with a pet monkey, and a masked swashbuckling bandit. A late comer is a mystic who can see the denouement perhaps. Both patients include themselves in the script. We are all part of the grand scheme one way or another. The stuntman becomes the bandit and the woman his daughter. 

A great humbling will beset the world after the fall. Perhaps even the dowager princess will have to resort to domestic labor to survive. The stuntman has decided to leave this world. He tricks the young female patient to get him morphine so that he may escape the gloom of his existence. It doesn't work. One attempt turns out to be a placebo. She also mistakes an E for a 3 and doesn't bring enough. Part of the fall will be the responsibility of making a fundamental error in judgement. Part will be in the economy. Part will be in the system and style of power. 

The evil one rises to power and appears triumphant. The heroes die except for the bandit and his daughter. The evil one, too, dies. All his plans are doomed from the outset it seems. Though not mentioned the mystic would ask why proceed in a failed attempt at mastery? Perhaps we can write ourselves into the script as well and change the outcome of the story. The stuntman watches his film. He was edited out of it. Another took his place, but he did recover to perform again. That tells us we must never concede defeat. The evil one really has no special power unless we give it to him. The female patient recovers to return to her father and work in an orchard. That is quite symbolic. It might be perceived as a return to Eden to the Father in heaven. 

The mask of deception falls away because the mystic can see through the lies and deceits. It can be like that in real life for one with eyes to see and ears to hear if we choose to. We design our own sets and write our own scripts. Through laziness and fear we have allowed others to do it for us. That other one is the dark prince. We need to turn on the lights and return to Eden to be with our Father in heaven, but of course you must measure up.

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