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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on July 12, 2017 at 11:30 AM

A confrontation with a dangerous criminal or a tyrannical regime is an imaginary fantasy until it happens. Then for many who have led a sheltered and soft life a certain reality sets in. It is a realization that the supreme law of existence is the law of the jungle not the warm and fuzzy feelings of fantasy. For many, it is the last realization they will ever know unless they have mastered the art of combat.

I have said in the past 100% of homicide victims are now completely in favor of the right to bear arms. That was enshrined in the British Bill of Rights a long, long time ago after the INQUISITION. After knowing extreme torture and deprivation of individual rights and the extremes that godly men will go to oppress their fellow man, that was determined to be a minor concession. Any society that abrogates those rights will again see the return to a level of depravity that rivals the INQUISITION.

In jest I opined years ago, do you know why they stopped burning witches? Someone invented the repeating firearm. Arms control is the leading indicator of impending genocide. That is the history of it. The Jews were disarmed in Germany's gun laws. In Rwanda disarmament was a feature. It is the Art of War one of the most famous books ever written yet not on the reading list of the liberally minded.

The strong survive. The weak perish. That is another irrefutable law of existence. However, as humans we can survive by being strong of mind and understanding history, strategy and tactics to the point where physical struggles become unnecessary because of the epiphany. In one of my forensic text books from the good old days the writer made it quite plain. The level of peace in rural areas was determined more by the mass possession of the old double barreled shotgun than any laws or standards of man. I add, of course, that these areas are also Christian bulwarks known as the bible belt because those who tend to the soil to raise crops know very well the role of the creator in the struggle for Eden. The sword has been surpassed. So with a bible in one hand and the shotgun in the other, there is peace in the valley.

Of course the NWO has attacked both so their objectives are plain. The first edition was printed in 1935.

Throughout the length and breadth of the nation, some form of shotgun is likely to stand in a corner of almost every farmer's home. The mere presence of this weapon may be one of the factors leading to rather honest behavior of our rural people in general.

In fact there is a new breed of Shotgun on the market called THE CANUCK. It is of Turkish manufacture. In the old days we made our own.

Working in the core I'm seeing quite the rise in aggressive trespassers and intruders. Thieves like to stash stolen bicycles on our property. One did once. I locked it up. He returned to see his plan foiled. He got very angry and flustered. He had to say please unlock 'my' bike. That was not a pill he was able to swallow. After I unlocked it, he started threatening to kill me. I was holding a thick chain with a lock on the end. Of course my reply was go ahead make my day. I think at that point he realized his mouth was more than his nerve could muster, and he sauntered off. It's a good thing I'm a patient man. As a youth I had many stalwart Scottish friends. They were of a mind that in a fight you may win, but for the rest of your life when you look in the mirror you'll have something to remember me by. EPIPHANY can come in many forms.

This all started with an E-Mail on gun control with some thoughtful and or humorous illustrations. They warn us now of ISIS 2.0 a force that can never be defeated. I use hillbilly logic in this debate. You don't shoot your own dog. It is readily apparant ISIS is the West's proxy army. You'll need to keep makin' bacon. 

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