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Britain is battered by 'super storm the size of Wales' as 60,000 lightning strikes hit the country overnight

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on May 30, 2017 at 11:20 PM

This stunning image taken in Broadstairs, Kent, shows lightning seemingly striking off the coast

Violent storms are set to bring an end to the 30C temperatures that have been felt across the country

Alerts for torrential rain issued across southern Britain where more than an inch and a half of rain could fall

Families asleep in their beds in Kent were shaken awake at 3am by 'intense, dangerous supercellular storm'

It struck France with lightning an estimated 40,000 times in just two hours before sweeping across Channel

Luckily the mercury is set to rise again towards the weekend, according to forecasters

Lightning struck London overnight creating spectacular scenes over Canary Wharf and the River Thames


Student films the terrifying moment a gigantic bolt of lightning came within metres of striking him and his friends

The Snapchat footage was taken by student Alex Sawyer, 23, in Mutley, Devon

It shows lightning hitting a house, missing Alex and his friends by 20 metres

The student described it like 'fire raining down from the sky'

A close-up shot of the footage shows the moment the lightning bolt hit the house in Mutley, Devon, setting it ablaze. It was captured by student Alex Sawyer who described it as like 'fire raining down from the sky'

This is like a war of the worlds energy weapons falling from heaven.

Moscow was hit with the worst storm in a century as wel. 

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