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The A and H-bombs propaganda 1942-2017 and the nuclear terrorism hoax 2010-2017

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 21, 2017 at 9:40 AM


A-and h-bombs - or atomic bombs - do not work 2017 and it is against a silly US law to say so, but, if you do, you, like me, are punished by death (!) ... so here you have to learn the good news about nuclear weapons. They are just propaganda! Since 1945! Actually no a-bombs have ever exploded anywhere.

The a-bombs were created by two powerful, sick men in the 1940's - US president/warlord F.D. Roosevelt and USSR dictator/mass murderer J. Stalin - to scare. Media assisted to back up the propaganda lies without any evidence what so ever! The people were made to believe, e.g., that compressing atoms of two solid metal pieces making up a critical mass allowed one single neutron in between to fission one metal atom to start ... a sudden explosion FLASH ... spreading death and radiation. But it doesn't work in reality! It was all propaganda. The h-bomb was similarly invented in the 1950's. Nuclear terrorism was finally invented 2010 by US president B. Obama also to scare.

Another view of central Hiroshima ground zero where the alleged a-bomb is said to have exploded. Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku, is in the background with several undamaged office buildings. The building in the foreground was destroyed by standard explosives

Gelbi bank building 1946 at Hiroshima at Rijo Dori street - 380 meters sideways from and about 600 meters (1 800 feet) below the alleged 'a-bomb' explosion and blast/heat wave FIREBALL centre across the street 1945!

Downtown Hiroshima 1946 with a Gelbi bank building in back ground at Rijo Dori street! Note the Hiroshima's ten-story press/media building also in the background right, about three blocks from the centre of the explosion, badly gutted by the fire following the explosion, but otherwise unhurt with a flagpole on top ... still standing. No 'a-bomb' exploded down the road to the left and produced ablast/heat wave FIREBALL here 1945! It was just napalm carpet bombing


An interesting analysis. There never were nuclear weapons. They faked it. I always wondered how Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not uninhabitable for a few half lives. But then MAD works, so why haven't we gone to war? Then there were certain atolls where people got sick. They could have polluted the environment to prove their point. It reminds me of the original Star Trek series Specter of the Gun. The gunfight at the O.K. corral is recreated. Spock convinces them the bullets are not real. They pass through their bodies without harm.

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