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'The sword stands ready': Vice President Mike Pence warns North Korea of 'an overwhelming and effective American response' that will 'defeat any attack'

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 19, 2017 at 7:45 PM

The deck of the nuclear-powered cruiser was packed out by thousands of sailors who cheered Pence's promise to present a strong force towards North Korean aggression

Pence made the appearance on board the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on Tuesday while in Japan


He told the US and Japanese sailors at the US Yokosuka naval base in Tokyo Bay that the US wanted peace


But he warned that the country would be 'ready' to retaliate if North Korea attempted any kind of attack


At the same time defense secretary Jim Mattis, who is in the Middle East, said Kim Jong-un was 'reckless'


The aggressive stance is undermined by a carrier still off Australia's coast, 11 days after it was to head to Korea


The USS Carl Vinson will head out within 24 hours, Pentagon officials said - it was supposed to set off April 8


Russia and China have both called on the US to come to a peaceful accord with North Korea

But, he told the 2,500 sailors aboard the USS Ronald Reagan in a Japanese US naval base: 'As all of you know, readiness is the key.

'The United States of America will always seek peace - but under President Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.'

The USS Carl Vinson, left, pictured with the Arleigh-Burke missile cruiser USS Michael Murphy and the USS Lake Champlain are set to be deployed to the Korean peninsula in response to Kim Jong-un's continued threats of weapons tests


The talk of strength was undermined slightly by the announcement by Pentagon officials on Wednesday that the USS Carl Vinison, said to have headed to the Korean Peninsula on April 8, was still languishing in the ocean near Australia.


Mattis had claimed on April 11 that the aircraft carrier's strike fleet was on its way to North Korea as a 'prudent measure' to deter further escalation.


But Pentagon officials told CNN on Tuesday that the ships would finally set sail within 24 hours, and the strike group wouldn't be in the region before next week at the earliest.


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