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Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 12, 2017 at 12:25 PM

If there's something unique that Conspiracy Cafe does that others don't, it is that we look at other possibilities that are missed by others. Generally we are led in a pre planned direction that is really quite far from the truth. This is the fact behind the alleged poison gas attack in Syria. Fingers from various sources are pointed with their orchestrated scripts that are generally written to mislead people into war not get them out of it. It is the burden of death and destruction that makes us willing to choose that option. 

I was amazed that the British SAS went into a very serious combat role reported April 1st several days before the alleged gas attack near Khan Sheikhoun in Syria. They assaulted by air the Al Tabqa Dam adjacent Lake Assad. They were involved in a heavy fire fight. They landed by air and assaulted by sea. They seized quantities of poisonous chemicals that were stockpiled there. There was a fear the water supply might be poisoned. We'd have to say that was an astute move. 

Al Tabqa is at the top of this map. The airstrip at the bottom.

Then to consolidate the beach head they attack the air strip at nearby Al Thawrah. The gears in my mind start turning. You seize poison chemicals and a means to deliver them and ten three days later there is a poison gas attack in Syria used as a casus belli for an attack on Syria's air force to basically save ISIS forces from continued bombing. We know ISIS is the CIA, Saudi, Israeli proxy army. Israel was in fact attacking the same Syrian air base Trump ordered the missile attack on. Vladimir Putin warned off Netanyahu who must have gone to his big brother Uncle Sam to get him to do the dirty work for him. All you needed was some sort of justification like a poison gas attack. Mission accomplished as they were fond of saying in a bygone era. 

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

As You Like It, Act II, Scene VII

However, I smell a rat. I ponder what was the real reason behind this top secret mission? Poisonous chemicals are generally stored near water purification plants. It's called chlorine. They may have had other chemicals as well in the weapons of mass destruction category. There was yellow smoke reported in one gas assault the tell tale sign of chlorine. Did the SAS use one of their infamous drones to deliver the gas to the scene of the Syrian bomb assault. As ordnance explodes, no one is really looking around all that much. You take cover. Something exploded, and you saw the effects of a gas attack. You would assume that came with the exploding ordnance, but what if there was another source delivering the gas? The secret actor left the stage and was never reviewed as part of the cast. 

Google celebrated Fazlur Rahman Khan’s 88th birthday April 3rd. The location of the attack was Khan Sheikhoun. He also did work on the Sears Tower another popular terror target over the years. It is now owned and named after the Willis Group a London based insurance company. They have dealings to a limited degree in Syria. The Willis Tower's zip code is 60606 for another clue to their master. It is a tenuous link from the twilight language to be included with the broth. Who dares wins. Perhaps they have. 

A cover story was released after this blog was completed.

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