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Posted by George Freund on December 30, 2014 at 10:50 PM

It has been said a bad deed brings new evils. It is like that in the world. Behind what seems to be the unexplained or even truly bizarre lurks grains of truth. When illuminated they shine like beacons. They verify the sordid results of man's lust for money, power and control. There are classic means to eliminate a high profile individual who has strayed beyond his duties to stay submissive to the dark side. It is like that with the loss of AirAsia Flight QZ8501.

In any complex problem there is frequently a key piece of information that settles the matter to the most logical conclusion. There was one English passenger on Flight 8501. He was Chi Man Choi. He was the Managing Director of Alstom Power a hydro company that has settled the largest bribery case in U.S. history $772 million. They were accused of bribing officials in numerous countries including Indonesia. Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also on the list. Two officers of the company were charged in the UK by the Serious Fraud Office. It appears business was quite profitable.

It appears a serious whack order was issued. Everyone was in the know at the upper echelons. There were many late arrivals for Flight 8501. They included relatives of the influential in Indonesia. Christianawati Putro Cahyono and her family of ten were fortunate to miss the night flight to paradise. Perhaps having a police general for a relative brings good karma.


Police General Unggung Cahyono (above) was, until September 2014, the boss of the police in Surabaya.


Christianawati Putro Cahyono and her extended family (top left) had been looking forward to a trip Singapore with AirAsia

Not to be outdone Chandra Susanto, from Surabaya was scheduled to fly to Singapore on Flight 8051 with his wife and three children. They cancelled the trip the day before. What an amazing stroke of luck. They thanked God. However, it appears a relative has a senior position in the navy. He may have been closer to God than many other relatives. Perhaps they listened to the mysterious Chinese blogger that warned people to shun Malaysian Airlines and AirAsia altogether.

Mr Susanto was scheduled to fly with his wife Inge and three children, Christopher,10 Nadine, 7, and Felix, 5 on the Air Asia flight

The Force Commander of the Military Sea Traffic for Surabaya is Col Budi Susanto (centre)

Not to be outdone AirAsia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes sold 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd. 850,000 shares were sold Dec. 22nd. The rest the day after the crash. Timing is everything they say.

It would seem to appear the old TCB (taking care of business) was afoot. That's jail house slang for murder. Let that be a lesson in paying fines to bribe governments. It won't be tolerated. As the band Nazareth sang should not have gone on this flight tonight.

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