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Posted by George Freund on April 11, 2014 at 9:45 AM

It appears the final showdown with the New World Order fascists has reached its zenith in Bunkersville, Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management has deployed a vast array of force around the ranch of the Bundy family which includes snipers and helicopters. There is a dispute surrounding land rights and grazing rights for cattle that the Bundy family has enjoyed since 1870.

In a reclassification of the land in question those rights were suspended. The federal government demanded payment for them. The Bundy's refused. The Bureau of Land Management moved in to seize the offending cattle and lay seige to the Bundy ranch. A line in the sand has been drawn, and both sides are amassing forces at it. The militias from five States have been called to service to protect the Bundy's and their ranch.

The major question now is will the shot heard round the world be fired or will more reasonable negotiations occur? In the modern era significant changes came along with the term grandfathering. Those presently enjoying certain rights may keep them for the duration of their lives. With regard to the ranch the family should maintain the rights until the property is sold. It is good sense and good business.

As it stands now 5,000 private militia are massing at the ranch. Isn't that a party? The federal government errs in the use of threats and intimidation tactics. They may get your will for a while perhaps even a long while, but sooner or later pent up hostility boils over. Then there's no telling where it all ends. As my father always said, "No smoking in the dynamite shed."

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