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James Wong Howe's 118th Birthday Google Doodle

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on August 28, 2017 at 9:05 PM

Something big is on the horizon. Our 'friends' at Google are in the doodle mode again. It has been a while. However, this time their name is up in lights on the marquis with one of the cinema world's greatest masters of film James Wong Howe in the foreground. He specialized in the use of shadow - the grey world if you will. It is almost like an episode of the Twilight Zone where these shadows become reality. James does not look happy in the doodle. He appears quite stressed. You would be too if they asked you to perform the ultimate chemin de fer. 

This next event must win the hearts and minds of a nation perhaps even a world. It cannot be left to film students like the ones who orchestrated the Charlottesville Charade. This time there cannot be any loose ends. We have to induce a color revolution. There must be fighting in the streets. The days of rage cannot fade into oblivion. They must rise to unheard of levels of mass hysteria. That power must aspire to regime change by forcing the President of the United States out of office. Only supreme skill and attention to detail can be successful. For that reason a master team has been assembled. 

There is a theme that is required. It has proved successful. It is labeling the President and his supporters as Nazi's or fascists. It was a beginners technique taught at The Lenin School for Political Warfare. You label your target with a bad idea or concept in such a manner as to cause serious derision. It is crude, but it works. The above image from the 1943 classic Hangmen Also Die makes the point. In this film the assassination of SS leader Reinhard Heydrich is demonstrated. I think they're implying a little lynching is on the horizon. 

There are many films to choose from James' filmography. For starters there is Mantrap. I think it's obvious which man they wish to snare. However, the storyline takes place in Canada. I believe the anti-Trump forces have a friend in Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Canada is HQ to the plotters outside of their country. In The Criminal Code a prisoner is given a job as a valet. It might suggest we have a patsy cloistered within. The Prisoner of Zenda concerns a double replacing a king for his coronation. The doppelganger always poses a risk in real life.

The crux of the matter is they desire to start another civil war in the United States. The deep state wants a totally prostrate America decimated from coast to coast. Two of James' films offer that possibility. The first is Shanghai Express featuring the infamous German Marlene Dietrich. The plot centers around the Chinese civil war. Of course the epic struggle concerns the classic left, right paradigm. Communism is being resisted by fascism. It is like that in the next film Confidential Agent. Both were love stories in troubled times. The latter takes place in the Spanish civil war where communism and fascism will fight again. We can only conclude the Google military industrial complex has decided to rerun the eternal struggle between the extreme left and right. This film stars the illustrious Lauren Bacall with Charles Boyer. 

The film Main Street to Broadway takes us skirting into Manhattan alongside Central Park. We terminate at the Time Warner Center. Trump Tower is on the other side of Central Park at 5th Avenue and E 57th Street. The direction is clear even if the intent is not. President Trump's home is in New York and so is the spirit of the doodle. Perhaps it will be a Manhattan Melodrama. Public enemy number 1, John Dillinger, was shot to death after watching this film in Chicago's Biograph Theater. The liberal left have a new public enemy number 1 in the president. Leon Trotsky is featured in the script. His heckler is trampled by a horse. The film introduces survivors from the loss of the General Slocum passenger steamer tragically lost June 15, 1904 with large loss of life. It was New York's greatest tragedy until 9/11. Of course General Slocum was a Confederate general. His statues still stand.

There is love and murder in the script. There is a contentious election for governor. His assistant a man named Snow who was dismissed for cause. A character named Blackie shoots Snow. I think we can see the impetus for something evil here. Will a race war commence over a shooting that has been filmed in that special sort of Dorian Gray? The odds are rife. Illegal gambling and paid off cops were also part of the story. However, there is a saving grace. James also worked on that Bogart classic Passage to Marseille. A loyal American is embedded in the twilight language. He will faithfully do his duty. So will we by decoding the secrets of the twilight language embedded in the infamous Google Doodles. We see an evil film being contemplated and say CUT!

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