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Police hold back furious crowd as they arrest 'terror attacker who ploughed into a crowd of Good Samaritans helping collapsed OAP' before brave worshippers managed to pin him to the ground

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 19, 2017 at 11:15 AM

The van was first seen on Seven Sisters Road in north London were it mounted a pavement yards from the area's mosque hitting an elderly man who had collapsed in the heat

A van ploughed into a crowd outside Muslim Welfare House near Finsbury Park Mosque at around 12.20am

48-year-old arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after one person died and ten were injured in attack

Muslims were leaving taraweeh, late night prayers observed during the festival of Ramadan when the van hit

Confirmed fatality is man who was receiving first aid from members of the public at a bus stop at the time

Suspect yelled: 'I'm going to kill all Muslims - I did my bit' and he smiled, waved and blew kisses at witnesses

Imam and other worshippers pinned him down and urged them to kill him but they kept him there until arrest

Attack slammed as 'the most violent manifestation' of Islamophobia as PM called emergency Cobra meeting

Police say incident is being treated as terror and praised 'restraint' of locals who arrested suspect at scene

Officers swoop on South Wales village company after their £80-a-day vehicle was used in mosque attack

White suspect arrested at the scene of the attack was not known to the police or MI5, says Government

Shocking: This is the moment the Finsbury Park mosque terror suspect turned to the crowd from inside the van and was filmed blowing a kiss to them and said: 'I want to kill all Muslims - I did my bit'

The smirking Finsbury Park terror suspect was hauled to the ground and pinned down by the congregation until the police arrived as he screamed 'kill me' hoping witnesses to his Islamophobic attack would seek retribution, it was revealed today.

The 48-year-old driver, who was not known to police and MI5, ploughed his white van into a crowd of Ramadan worshippers helping an elderly man who collapsed in the heat, killing one and injuring at least ten more at 12.20am this morning.

The unnamed white man in a blue T-shirt - who suffered a black eye and cuts to his face and hands - was filmed repeatedly shouting 'kill me' to the men who grabbed him.

Officers held back crowds after arresting the terror suspect who continued to goad witnesses by smiling, waving and even blowing kisses, with police today praising the 'restraint' shown in aftermath of the van attack.

Witnesses said he 'deliberately' drove onto the pavement outside north London's Muslim Welfare House - yards from the Finsbury Park Mosque - and jumped out of the cab shouting 'I'm going to kill all Muslims - I did my bit'.

But as he tried to run from the scene a group of men gave chase and were filmed pinning the suspect to the floor before dragging him along the road as bodies lay strewn across the ground.

The mosque's imam Mohammed Mahmoud was among those on top of him and as one member of the public kicked the suspect in the head he yelled: 'Don't hit him - you do not touch him - hand him into the police'.

Today Mr Mahmoud called for calm and forgiveness as he spoke outside Finsbury Park Mosque and said: 'By God's grace we managed to surround him and to protect him from any harm. That's all we did. It wasn't me alone - there was a group of brothers who were calm and collected and managed to extinguish any flames of anger'.


Finsbury mosque film set? That's what it looks like. Theresa May is off the hook from the Grenfell fire disaster ready to fight 'Islamophobia.' If only Conrade Lenin thought of that one back in the day, the USSR would still be back in the saddle. Notice Satan's pentagram on the wall. 

Jeremy Corbyn was overcome with emotion as he visited the scene of the terror attack in his north London constituency

Theresa May vows to purge the internet of any and all thought crimes. The nanny state will shape all your thoughts and opinions from cradle to grave. I'm sure she's quite content to be the hero after the reaction to the incompetence handling the Grenfell fire. You just couldn't have planned it any better. 

This is the best thing that could have happened for Theresa May. It was made to order. The Grenfell Tower sacrifice is reduced to a secondary story. The hero May can rise against Islamophobia. The thought crime so revered in the old Soviet Union was reconstituted to fit the modern day. If you disagree with the mind control they apply to us, you are marginalized as having a dreaded disease. May will cleanse the internet and empower the thought police to make us safe.

I see two fools in this. One drove a truck not realizing the terror was manufactured by and for the state in the first place. Finsbury mosque has been terror central, but it is an al MI5da and al MI6da headquarters. The tears are real because the main actors for the state were the targets for a change.

The bigger fool is Theresa May. The internet wasn't required to storm the Bastille. It will not be required in this sectarian strife either. The extreme war zones don't have communications. We tolerate free speech after a major upheaval. We count the dead and live with egregious wounds and realize words weren't so bad after all.

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