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Posted by George Freund on March 1, 2016 at 1:30 PM

Callers to KLBJ report ballot irregularities

Paul Joseph Watson - MARCH 1, 2016

Report: Trump Supporters in Texas See Votes Switched to RubioPeople voting for Donald Trump in today’s Super Tuesday Texas Primary are seeing their ballots changed to show a vote for Marco Rubio.

Numerous callers flooded Austin-based radio station KLBJ this morning with reports of mistakes after they tried to vote for Trump.

According to KLBJ, “computer freezeups” and other “glitches” are causing voting snafus at locations all around Travis County.

Trump supporters previously accused the Rubio campaign of stealing votes in Iowa after the Florida Senator achieved a surprise third place finish.

If Rubio fails to secure a strong finish in today’s primaries he could be forced to drop out of the race altogether.

Rubio’s Super Pac has poured $1.5 million of its budget into Texas in an effort to take delegates away from home state favorite Ted Cruz.


As I used to say a few years back, it doesn't matter which button you push you voted for Bush. Vote fraud is so prevalent as to make the process virtually useless.


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