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Jeremiah 14:14-16 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

14 Then the Lord said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I have not sent them, neither did I command them, neither spake I unto them, but they prophesy unto you a false vision, and divination, and vanity, and deceitfulness of their own heart.

15 Therefore thus saith the Lord, Concerning the prophets that prophesy in my Name, whom I have not sent, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land, by sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed.

16 And the people to whom these prophets do prophesy shall be cast out in the streets of Jerusalem, because of the famine, and the sword, and there shall be none to bury them: both they and their wives, and their sons, and their daughters: for I will pour their wickedness upon them.

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on
a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of
it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people
don't want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in
Germany. That is understood. But, after all, it is the leaders of the
country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to
drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist
dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no
voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.
That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked,
and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the
country to danger. It works the same in any country."

by: Hermann Goering

(1893-1946) Commander-in-Chief of the Luftwaffe, President of the Reichstag, Prime Minister of Prussia and, as Hitler's designated successor, the second man in the Third Reich. [Göring]

Date: April 18, 1946

Source: Nuremberg Diary (Farrar, Straus & Co 1947), by Gustave Gilbert (an Allied appointed psychologist), who visited daily with Goering and his cronies in their cells, afterwards making notes and ultimately writing the book about these conversations.

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Bank Of America Analyst: A 'Flash Crash' In Early 2018 'Seems Quite Likely'

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 22, 2017 at 2:40 PM

By Michael Snyder, on November 20th, 2017

Is the stock market bubble about to burst? I know that I have been touching on this theme over and over and over again in recent weeks, but I can’t help it. Red flags are popping up all over the place, and the last time so many respected experts were warning about an imminent stock market crash was just before the last major financial crisis. Of course nobody can guarantee that global central banks won’t find a way to prolong this bubble just a little bit longer, but at this point they are all removing the artificial support from the markets in coordinated fashion. Without that artificial support, it is inevitable that financial markets will experience a correction, and the only real question is what the exact timing will be.

For example, Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett originally thought that the coming correction would come a bit sooner, but now he is warning of a “flash crash” during the first half of 2018…

Having predicted back in July that the “most dangerous moment for markets will come in 3 or 4 months“, i.e., now, BofA’s Michael Hartnett was – in retrospect – wrong (unless of course the S&P plunges in the next few days). However, having stuck to his underlying logic – which was as sound then as it is now – Hartnett has not given up on his “bad cop” forecast (not to be mistaken with the S&P target to be unveiled shortly by BofA’s equity team and which will probably be around 2,800), and in a note released overnight, the Chief Investment Strategist not only once again dares to time his market peak forecast, which he now thinks will take place in the first half of 2018, but goes so far as to predict that there will be a flash crash “a la 1987/1994/1998” in just a few months.

That certainly sounds quite ominous.

Just so that there is no confusion, let me give you his exact quote…

“A flash crash (à la ’87/’94/’98) in H1 2018 seems quite likely, in our view, as the major sedative of volatility, the central banks, start to withdraw liquidity.”

Hartnett is making the same point that I have made repeatedly in recent weeks. As the central banks withdraw the artificial support that has been propping up the markets ever since the last financial crisis, we will see if the markets can really maintain these absolutely ridiculous price levels on their own.

And we are not just talking about stock prices either. In fact, Bill Blain believes that the coming crash will actually originate in the bond market…

The 2008 crisis, which was about consumer debt, was triggered by mortgages. We still have consumer debt crisis problems ahead, warns Blain, adding the next financial crisis is likely to be in corporate debt.

“More immediately, the realization a crisis is coming feels very similar to June 2007 when the first mortgage-backed funds in the US started to wobble.” He said it explains why “we’re seeing the highly levered sector of the junk bond markets struggle, and companies correlated to struggling highly levered consumers (such as health and telecoms) also in trouble.”

Stock markets don’t matter, according to the strategist. “The truth is in bond markets. And that’s where I’m looking for the dam to break. The great crash of 2018 is going to start in the deeper, darker depths of the credit market,” he said.

Asset prices of all classes have been pushed to absolutely absurd levels by the central banks.

If it wasn’t for central bank manipulation, stock prices would have never gotten this high, and the bond market would have never been pushed to such irrational extremes.

And it isn’t just the Federal Reserve that has been intervening directly in U.S. markets.

For example, did you know that the Swiss National Bank is now the eighth largest public holder of U.S. stocks in the entire world?

According to John Mauldin, the Swiss central bank has poured 17 billion dollars into our stock market so far this year, and overall they now own approximately 80 billion dollars worth of our stocks…

The SNB owns about $80 billion in US stocks today (June, 2017) and a guesstimated $20 billion or so in European stocks (this guess comes from my friend Grant Williams, so I will go with it).

They have bought roughly $17 billion worth of US stocks so far this year. And they have no formula; they are just trying to manage their currency.

Think about this for a moment: They have about $10,000 in US stocks on their books for every man, woman, and child in Switzerland, not to mention who knows how much in other assorted assets, all in the effort to keep a lid on what is still one of the most expensive currencies in the world.

Switzerland is now the eighth-largest public holder of US stocks. And apparently they are concentrating on the largest of the large-cap stocks. The own 19 million shares of Apple (as of March 31).

They have made these purchases with money that they have literally created out of thin air.

If that sounds like “cheating” to you, that is because that is exactly what it is.

How in the world can stock prices possibly fall when global central banks are creating colossal mountains of money out of thin air and are using that money to buy stocks?

The central banks created this ridiculous stock market bubble, and they can also burst the bubble by pulling back on the level of artificial support, and that is precisely what we see happening right now.

So don’t buy into the hype. All that really matters is what the central banks choose to do, and if they wanted to continue to pump enormous amounts of money into the financial markets they could continue to pump up this absurd financial bubble that we are currently witnessing.

But at the moment they appear to be pulling back, and that makes a very “interesting” 2018 for the financial markets much more likely.

'The Currency Of The Apocalypse'? Doomsday Preppers Flock To Bitcoin As It Surges Past $8000

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 22, 2017 at 2:30 PM

By Michael Snyder, on November 20th, 2017

Once upon a time preppers would hoard gold and silver in anticipation of the meltdown of society, but now Bitcoin is becoming the alternative currency of choice for many in the prepping community. On Monday, Bitcoin hit an all-time record high as it surged past $8,200, and it has now gone up nearly 50 percent in just the last eight days. As I have admitted previously, one of my great regrets is not investing in Bitcoin when it first started, because we have never seen a meteoric rise quite like this. Bitcoin hit the $5,000 mark for the very first time just over a month ago, it is up more than 700 percent so far this year, and it is up almost 40,000 percent over the past five years. At this point Bitcoin has a market cap of over 130 billion dollars, and many believe that this is just the beginning.

At one time many preppers were quite skeptical of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but now that is starting to change in a major way. The following comes from a Bloomberg article entitled “These Doomsday Preppers Are Starting to Switch From Gold to Bitcoin”…

“Not too long ago, people in the prepper community were actively warning against crypto, and now they’re all investing in it,” said Tom Martin, a truck driver from Washington who runs a social-media website for people interested in learning skills to survive disaster. “As long as the grid stays up, people will keep using bitcoin.”

In addition to gold, silver and stocks, Martin invests in bitcoin and peers litecoin and steem because they’re easier to travel with, harder to steal and offer better protection in the event of the kind of societal breakdown that would unfold if a fiat currency like the dollar collapsed.

He’s among those confident that bitcoin can withstand even a complete blackout through the strength of the underlying blockchain, the anonymous public bookkeeping technology that records every single bitcoin transaction.

At the end of the day, cryptocurrencies only have value because people believe that they have value. If the global financial system completely collapses, will there still be demand for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies? And will they be accepted for food, medicine and other basic emergency supplies when everything falls apart?

These are legitimate questions for preppers to consider, because cryptocurrencies do not actually have any intrinsic value. At the end of the day these cryptocurrencies only exist in cyberspace, and some of the biggest names in the financial world continue to be skeptics…

J.P. Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon thinks bitcoin is a “fraud.” Investor Mark Cuban called it “a bubble.” Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein is still undecided. But whether or not executives believe in the potential of bitcoin, ethereum or blockchain technology, they and their companies can’t avoid talking about cryptocurrencies.

And there is a very real possibility that the marketplace could soon become absolutely saturated with “cryptocurrencies”. At this point it seems like a new crytpocurrency is being started on almost a daily basis. Here is more from CNN…

Dragonchain, a crytpocurrency startup originally backed by Disney (DIS), has held an ICO. Filecoin, a cloud storage company, raised more than $250 million earlier this year from an ICO — the biggest ever.

And online retailer Overstock (OSTK) is even planning an ICO for its tZero blockhain unit.

“In an effort to bypass the rules and costs associated with getting listed on an exchange, many startups now are opting to raise funds by issuing their own digital currency based on blockchain technology,” Holmes wrote.

For now, we will probably continue to see wild up and down swings in the price of Bitcoin. Those that were able to buy low and are able to sell high will make an extraordinary amount of money, but those that hold on to the bitter end may ultimately lose everything.

As is the case with so many things in life, timing is everything.

And for all of the preppers that are getting into Bitcoin, even Bloomberg is skeptical that the cryptocurrency will be of much use in an apocalyptic situation…

Still, it’s hard to envision people walking around spending digital coins to buy Spam, canned beans or bottled water at a local supermarket when they don’t have electricity at home to charge their smart phones, let alone a working internet connection to access their digital wallets.

Of course up to this point those with the last laugh have been those that invested in Bitcoin despite what the skeptics were saying.

Countless numbers of “Bitcoin millionaires” have already been created, and many believe that this is just the start of the cryptocurrency revolution.

But will this revolution end up resulting in heartbreak for those that don’t get out before the bubble bursts?

Only time will tell…

What goes up must come down. You can neither eat it or hold it. It could be quite the ride. The younger generation have never had or used real money. They took the precious metals out of the coins of the realm in 1968 in my country. They were replaced with copper and nickel. Now they are made of steel. Will coded electrons stand the test of time? 

Bezos' Amazon Sets Up 'Secret Region' for CIA, 16 US Intel Agencies

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 21, 2017 at 8:45 AM

22:25 20.11.2017

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post, has completed construction of a secret region on Amazon’s cloud computing software to host data from all 17 US intelligence agencies, according to a new report.

"Today we mark an important milestone as we launch the AWS [Amazon Web Services] Secret Region," Theresa Carlson, vice president of AWS worldwide public sector, said Monday, according to NextGov.

"The AWS Secret Region is a key component of the intel community's multi-fabric cloud strategy," CIA Chief Information Officer John Edwards said in a statement, noting "it will have the same material impact on the IC [intelligence community] as the Secret level than [the CIA's C2S, or Commercial Cloud Services] has had at Top Secret."

Washington Post Fans Flames as New McCarthyism Engulfs Washington

The AWS Secret Region is basically its own corner of the internet, cut off from the rest of the web. In addition to providing basic server needs such as hosting, storage, analyzing and application integration, the region will feature a closed-off marketplace for agencies like the CIA to test, download and buy new software products from vendors in Silicon Valley and beyond, NextGov said.

AWS promises to improve how agencies like the CIA share information with other intelligence partners as well as non-intelligence government agencies. "They have an ability to bring new tools into the environment that were very difficult to adopt previously," Gartner research Vice President Katell Thielemann says, "things like geospatial tools, advanced analytics and data dissemination."


Smoke & Mirrors: CIA Attempts to Cover al-Qaeda's Crimes With 'Iranian Connection'

Moving to the cloud is how the CIA sees itself as running more like a business. "We want to be like commercial companies, not the government. [Cloud] is the most innovative thing we've done, and it's having a material impact on the CIA and the IC," Edwards said in June, adding that reaching a deal with Amazon for AWS was the "best decision we ever made."

If it weren't for AWS, Amazon would probably not be profitable. AWS was the only business segment in the company to improve operating profit in the third quarter of 2017. While the company's operating income fell 40 percent on a year-over-year basis to $347 million in Q3 as ecommerce lines suffered, the company's bottom line was buoyed by $1 billion in operating profits from the AWS line. In each quarter of 2017, AWS revenues have jumped at least 40 percent.

Massive US military social media spying archive left wide open in AWS S3 buckets

Posted by George Freund on November 20, 2017 at 8:40 PM

Dozens of terabytes exposed, your tax dollars at work

By Iain Thomson in San Francisco 17 Nov 2017 at 20:08

Three misconfigured AWS S3 buckets have been discovered wide open on the public internet containing "dozens of terabytes" of social media posts and similar pages – all scraped from around the world by the US military to identify and profile persons of interest.


The archives were found by UpGuard's veteran security-breach hunter Chris Vickery during a routine scan of open Amazon-hosted data silos, and the trio weren't exactly hidden. The buckets were named centcom-backup, centcom-archive, and pacom-archive.

CENTCOM is the common abbreviation for the US Central Command, which controls the army, navy, air force, marines and special ops in the Middle East, north Africa and central Asia. PACOM is the name for US Pacific Command, covering the rest of southern Asia, China and Australasia.

Vickery told The Register today he stumbled upon them by accident while running a scan for the word "COM" in publicly accessible S3 buckets. After refining his search, the CENTCOM archive popped up, and at first he thought it was related to Chinese multinational Tencent, but quickly realized it was a US military archive of astounding size.

"For the research I downloaded 400GB of samples but there were many terabytes of data up there," he said. "It's mainly compressed text files that can expand out by a factor of ten so there's dozens and dozens of terabytes out there and that's a conservative estimate."

Just one of the buckets contained 1.8 billion social media posts automatically fetched over the past eight years up to today. It mainly contains postings made in central Asia, however Vickery noted that some of the material is taken from comments made by American citizens.

The databases also reveal some interesting clues as to what this information is being used for. Documents make reference to the fact that the archive was collected as part of the US government's Outpost program, which is a social media monitoring and influencing campaign designed to target overseas youths and steer them away from terrorism.

Vickery found the Outpost development configuration files in the archive, as well as Apache Lucene indexes of keywords designed to be used with the open-source search engine Elasticsearch. Another file refers to Coral, which may well be a reference to the US military's Coral Reef data-mining program.

"Coral Reef is a way to analyze a major data source to provide the analyst the ability to mine significant amounts of data and provide suggestive associations between individuals to build out that social network," Mark Kitz, technical director for the Army Distributed Common Ground System – Army, told the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association magazine Signal back in 2012.

"Previously, we would mine through those intelligence reports or whatever data would be available, and that would be very manual-intensive."

Before you start scrabbling for your tinfoil hats, the army hasn't made a secret of Coral Reef, even broadcasting the awards the software has won. And social media monitoring isn't anything new, either.

However, it is disturbing quite how easily this material was to find, how poorly configured it was, and that the archives weren't even given innocuous names. If America's enemies – or to be honest, anyone at all – are looking for intelligence, these buckets were a free source of information to mine.

After years of security cockups like this in the public and private sectors, Amazon has tried to help its customers avoid configuring their S3 buckets as publicly accessible stores, by adding full folder encryption, yellow warning lights when buckets aren't locked down, and tighter access controls.

"This was found before these new Amazon controls were added," Vickery said. "So we have yet to see how effective that yellow button will be."

Vickery said he notified the American military about the screwup, and the buckets have now been locked down and hidden. Unusually, the military contact thanked him for bringing the matter to their attention – usually talking to the armed forces is a "one-way street," Vickery said.

About the only thing they don't do is wipe your ass. However, they reserve the right to record it secretly and analyze the toilet paper in the sniffer test.

US nuclear chief would resist 'illegal' presidential strike order

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 19, 2017 at 12:05 PM

Would the US military disobey a nuclear order from President Trump?

The top nuclear commander in the US says he would resist any "illegal" presidential order to launch a strike.

Air Force Gen John Hyten, said as head of the US Strategic Command he provided advice to a president and expected that a legal alternative would be found.

His comments come just days after US senators discussed a president's authority to launch a nuclear attack.

Some of them expressed concern that President Donald Trump might irresponsibly order such a strike.

Others though said a president must have the authority to act without meddling from lawyers. It was the first such hearing in more than 40 years.

In August, Mr Trump vowed to unleash "fire and fury like the world has never seen" on North Korea if it threatened the US.

Last month, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's Republican chairman, Senator Bob Corker, accused the president of setting the US "on a path to World War Three".

Senate committee questions Trump nuclear authority

Trump and the nuclear codes

Trump's longstanding nuclear fixation

Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada, Gen Hyten said: "We think about these things a lot. When you have this responsibility, how do you not think about it?"

As for the legality of a strike, the general said that he had studied US laws of armed conflict for many years which stipulates key criteria the president must consider before launching any attack:




Unnecessary suffering

The armed conflict report quotes an International Court of Justice ruling which states that while the threat or use of nuclear weapons is not prohibited by international law, "the use of such weapons seems scarcely reconcilable with respect for the requirements of the law applicable in armed conflict".

While Senators and expert witnesses agree the president has full authority to defend the nation, commentators have pointed out that because there is no all-encompassing definition of "imminent attack", the president is not given an entirely free hand.

"I provide advice to the president, he will tell me what to do," Gen Hyten said.

"And if it's illegal, guess what's going to happen? I'm going to say: 'Mr President, that's illegal.' And guess what he's going to do? He's going to say, 'What would be legal?' And we'll come up with options, of a mix of capabilities to respond to whatever the situation is, and that's the way it works.

"It's not that complicated," Gen Hyten added.

He added: "If you execute an unlawful order, you will go to jail. You could go to jail for the rest of your life."

President Trump has not publicly commented on Gen Hyten's remarks.

Comrade Hillary would have you shot on the spot. While no one wants a nuclear war that doesn't mean an adversary might not attempt to start one. If the good general desires to avoid one, then perhaps owning up to the plethora of military backed regime changes would be a good start. The U.S. overthrew the Ukrainian government that was elected by the way because Yanukovych was courted by Russia not the EU. That was illegal. The perpetrators have vilified Russia and unleashed the dogs of war over that. Testing nuclear delivery skills bothers them not. Perhaps owning up to our transgressions would open the door to sustaining peace and cooperation. Unfortunately our despotic leaders so enjoy playing power and control games. War is illegal. The U.S. wages it all the time with the invention of new terms like terror. I see" target="_blank">the general was decorated in the illegal global war on terror. He never lost any sleep fighting for empire there. He was an Obama appointment. The partisan election malice still undermines the president.

It won't matter much. Powers greater that the general and the president will take us to the brink and beyond. None of them has the courage to stand up to the deep state shadow government. What the good general is doing is showing a potential adversary he won't pull the trigger. That encourages them to shoot and bring on the destruction of the world. It is mutual assured destruction that has kept the peace mad as it may seem. Faltering and challenging changes the dialectic and the balance of power. It seeds your own destruction. The best general appears to enemies as a mad dog foaming at the mouth ready to destroy them at a moment's notice. The sophisticated lefty asshole gives the edge to the enemy. War isn't a think tank. It is a battlefield. As they say in martial arts, you learn to fight so that you don't have to. There will be many challenges in the weeks and months to come. Don't question why you're there general. GROWL! Because if you don't know why you're there and who you serve you're in the wrong job.

Silicon Valley Exec Has Created A New Religion That Will Worship A 'Godhead' Based On Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 17, 2017 at 12:30 PM

By Michael Snyder, on November 16th, 2017

I know that the headline sounds absolutely crazy, but this is actually a true story. A Silicon Valley executive named Anthony Levandowski has already filed paperwork with the IRS for the nonprofit corporation that is going to run this new religion. Officially, this new faith will be known as “Way Of The Future”, and you can visit the official website right here. Of course nutjobs are creating “new religions” all the time, but in this case Levandowski is a very highly respected tech executive, and his new religion is even getting coverage from Wired magazine…

The new religion of artificial intelligence is called Way of the Future. It represents an unlikely next act for the Silicon Valley robotics wunderkind at the center of a high-stakes legal battle between Uber and Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous-vehicle company. Papers filed with the Internal Revenue Service in May name Levandowski as the leader (or “Dean”;) of the new religion, as well as CEO of the nonprofit corporation formed to run it.

So what will adherents of this new faith actually believe?

To me, it sounds like a weird mix of atheism and radical transhumanism. The following comes from Way of the Future’s official website…

We believe in science (the universe came into existence 13.7 billion years ago and if you can’t re-create/test something it doesn’t exist). There is no such thing as “supernatural” powers. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

We believe in progress (once you have a working version of something, you can improve on it and keep making it better). Change is good, even if a bit scary sometimes. When we see something better, we just change to that. The bigger the change the bigger the justification needed.

We believe the creation of “super intelligence” is inevitable (mainly because after we re-create it, we will be able to tune it, manufacture it and scale it). We don’t think that there are ways to actually stop this from happening (nor should we want to) and that this feeling of we must stop this is rooted in 21st century anthropomorphism (similar to humans thinking the sun rotated around the earth in the “not so distant” past).

But even though Way of the Future does not embrace the “supernatural”, they do believe in a “God”.

In this new religion, the worship of a “Godhead” that will be created using artificial intelligence will be actively encouraged…

The documents state that WOTF’s activities will focus on “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.” That includes funding research to help create the divine AI itself. The religion will seek to build working relationships with AI industry leaders and create a membership through community outreach, initially targeting AI professionals and “laypersons who are interested in the worship of a Godhead based on AI.” The filings also say that the church “plans to conduct workshops and educational programs throughout the San Francisco/Bay Area beginning this year.”

So how “powerful” will this newly created “God” actually be?

Well, Levandowski says that he envisions creating an artificially intelligent being that will literally be “a billion times smarter than the smartest human”…

“What is going to be created will effectively be a god,” he said. “It’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”

He added, “I would love for the machine to see us as its beloved elders that it respects and takes care of. We would want this intelligence to say, ‘Humans should still have rights, even though I’m in charge.’”

But what if this “super-intelligence” gets outside of our control and turns on us?

What then?

I am not sure that Levandowski has an answer for that.

Other transhumanists also believe that artificial intelligence will grow at an exponential rate, but instead of AI ruling over us, they see a coming merger between humanity and this new super intelligence. In fact, world famous transhumanist Ray Kurzeil believes that this will enable us to “become essentially god-like in our powers”…

Kurzweil and his followers believe that a crucial turning point will be reached around the year 2030, when information technology achieves ‘genuine’ intelligence, at the same time as biotechnology enables a seamless union between us and this super-smart new technological environment. Ultimately the human-machine mind will become free to roam a universe of its own creation, uploading itself at will on to a “suitably powerful computational substrate”. We will become essentially god-like in our powers.

And prominent transhumanist Mark Pesce takes things even further. He in absolutely convinced that rapidly advancing technology will allow ordinary humans “to become as gods”…

“Men die, planets die, even stars die. We know all this. Because we know it, we seek something more—a transcendence of transience, translation to incorruptible form. An escape if you will, a stop to the wheel. We seek, therefore, to bless ourselves with perfect knowledge and perfect will; To become as gods, take the universe in hand, and transform it in our image—for our own delight. As it is on Earth, so it shall be in the heavens. The inevitable result of incredible improbability, the arrow of evolution is lipping us into the transhuman – an apotheosis to reason, salvation – attained by good works.”

Throughout human history, there has always been a desire to create our own gods or to become our own gods.

But no matter how hard these transhumanists try to run from death, it will eventually find them anyway, and at that point all of their questions about who God really is will be answered once and for all.

The Last Time These 3 Ominous Signals Appeared Simultaneously Was Just Before The Last Financial Crisis

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 17, 2017 at 12:30 PM

By Michael Snyder, on November 15th, 2017

We have not seen a “leadership reversal”, a “Hindenburg Omen” and a “Titanic Syndrome signal” all appear simultaneously since just before the last financial crisis. Does this mean that a stock market crash is imminent? Not necessarily, but as I have been writing about quite a bit recently, the markets are certainly primed for one. On Wednesday, the Dow fell another 138 points, and that represented the largest single day decline that we have seen since September. Much more importantly, the downward trend that has been developing over the past week appears to be accelerating. Just take a look at this chart. Could we be right on the precipice of a major move to the downside?

John Hussman certainly seems to think so. He is the one that pointed out that we have not seen this sort of a threefold sell signal since just before the last financial crisis. The following comes from Business Insider…

On Tuesday, the number of New York Stock Exchange companies setting new 52-week lows climbed above the number hitting new highs, representing a “leadership reversal” that Hussman says highlights the deterioration of market internals. Stocks also received confirmation of two bearish market-breadth readings known as the Hindenburg Omen and the Titanic Syndrome.

Hussman says these three readings haven’t occurred simultaneously since 2007, when the financial crisis was getting underway. It happened before that in 1999, right before the dot-com crash. That’s not very welcome company.

In fact, every time we have seen these three signals appear all at once there has been a market crash.

Will things be different this time?

We shall see.

If you are not familiar with a “Hindenburg Omen” or “the Titanic Syndrome”, here are a couple of pretty good concise definitions…

Hindenburg Omen: A sell signal that occurs when NYSE new highs and new lows each exceed 2.8% of advances plus declines on the same day. On Tuesday, they totaled more than 3%.

Titanic Syndrome: A sell signal triggered when NYSE 52-week lows outnumber 52-week highs within seven days of an all-time high in equities. Stocks most recently hit a record on November 8.

You can see the other times in recent decades when these three signals have appeared simultaneously on this chart right here.

Once again, past patterns do not guarantee that the same thing will happen in the future, but if the market does crash it should not surprise anyone.

10 days ago, I published an article entitled “The Federal Reserve Has Just Given Financial Markets The Greatest Sell Signal In Modern American History”. I pointed out that this stock market bubble was created by unprecedented central bank intervention, and now global central banks are reversing the process that created the bubble in unison. There is no possible way that stock prices can stay at these absolutely absurd levels without central bank help, and if global central banks stay on the sidelines a market decline would seem to be virtually inevitable.

Meanwhile, we are also witnessing a very alarming flattening of the yield curve…

Hogan said the market is nervous about the “flattening” difference between the 2-year yield and the 10-year Treasury yield, which have been moving closer together. The curve dipped to 68 basis points Tuesday, a 10-year low. Hogan said 70 has become a line in the sand, and when it falls below that traders get nervous.

A flattening curve can signal that the curve will invert, which historically means a recession is on the horizon.

If the yield curve does end up inverting, that will be a major red flag.

But the experts assure us that we have nothing to worry about.

For example, just check out what Karyn Cavanaugh of Voya Financial is saying…

“Now that the earnings season is wrapped up, markets are more beholden to macro data. Weakness in oil prices and skepticism about the passing of the tax bill are also weighing on sentiment,” said Karyn Cavanaugh, senior market strategist at Voya Financial.

Despite the drop on the day, major indexes remain within 1.5 percentage points of record levels.

“Any pullback at this stage should be viewed as an opportunity to buy, however. Earnings outlook for U.S. stocks, especially with the synchronized global growth environment is still good,” Cavanaugh said.

And U.S. consumers continue to pile on more debt as if there is no tomorrow. This week we learned that U.S. household debt has almost reached the 13 trillion dollar threshold…

Americans’ debt level rose during the third quarter, driven by an increase in mortgage loans, according to a Federal Reserve Bank of New York report published on Tuesday.

Total U.S. household debt was $12.96 trillion in the three months to September, up $116 billion from the prior three months. Debt levels were $605 billion higher than during the third quarter of 2016.

The fundamentals do not support this kind of irrational optimism.

What the fundamentals have been telling us is that in the absence of central bank support we should see the markets start to decline, and that it is quite likely that a painful recession is on the horizon.

As the next crisis erupts, the mainstream media is going to respond with shock and horror. But the only real surprise is that this ridiculous bubble lasted for as long as it did.

The truth is that a market decline is way overdue. If central banks had not pumped trillions upon trillions of dollars into the global financial system, there is no possible way that stock prices would have ever gotten so high, and now that the central banks are removing the artificial life support we shall see how the markets do on their own.

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Anti-Christ?

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on November 17, 2017 at 9:05 AM

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (Saudi Arabia) Against ISIS

He has already formed an Arabic Union of some 34 countries. Mohammad Bin Salman = M B S, Arabic Union = A U. They form: MABUS. Did Nostradamus pick him?

Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is now the Crown Prince and he may well still be a prince when he consolidates Arab Sunni nations into a military union against not only Iran and Syria but importantly Israel. See: (Daniel 11:22-32)

Does "Salman" = "Solomon" [Rev 13:18]? The number 666 points to but one name in the Bible: King Solomon. He was known for his great wisdom. However, he was named for the first Assyrian King Shalmaneser I - who formed the Assyrian Empire some 300 years before Solomon of Israel was born and named after him. One source said Shalmaneser meant, "fire worshipper"; while another translated his name to mean, "the god Shalman is chief" and yet another translated it to mean, "the god Shalmanu is pre-eminent."

666 = "In the Name of Allah" UPDATED

The later Assyrian king Shalmaneser II used a mysterious fire weapon ahead of his troops against opposing armies. The weapon was referred to by the king as "Nergal" and it frightened the opposing armies greatly. Some modern translators of the name "Nergal" say it was "a desert god of fire - a close servant of Satan."

The "false prophet (2nd beast" uses fire too: Rev. 13:13 And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,

Is Prince Salman a descendant of Dan? Widespread - but as yet unproven rumors say the Saud family are not Arabic - but are from Mordakhai Bin Ibrahim Bin Moshe of Basra - an israelite merchant (from Dan?).

Does MBS show disregard for the god of his fathers? i.e for Islam or possibly for Judaism? He is against the Shi'ite branch of Islam.

Could MBS be called The Assyrian? He was born in Jeddah which contains the oldest Assyrian Church in the region. If he is truly from a Jewish lineage in Basra that region was once part of the Assyrian Empire. His family name (Salman) is taken from "Shalmaneser I" - a king of Assyria who is revered in the Arab countries as a great hero or god or prophet in their legends. See: Shulmanu-asharedu

Will he have a fierce countenance? See Dan 8:23 MBS is known for his very bad temper, but if this is his worst look, hmmmm...

If the "little horn" of Dan 8:9 is MBS then he has countries to the South (Yemen, Oman and UAE), to the east (Iraq and possibly Iran and Jordan} which is toward "the pleasant land" (Israel).

Has MBS called himself god that people should worship him? Not as far as we can determine. Not likely as yet.

MBS has not yet suffered a fatal wound and been raised from the dead.

MBS has not tried to change the times in Saudi Arabia BUT has he plans to change the laws of his country or least to weaken them in favor of more freedom for women. He is a reformer though but he is not yet the King.

MBS as a Muslim denies that Jesus is the Christ.

Behold! Donald Trump and the mysterious glowing orb.

When President Trump laid hands on the glowing Saudi mystery orb, he pledged allegiance to “Its Luminescence,” summoned the forces of Sauron to take over Middle-earth and created an “army of Moderate Muslims to fight terror.”

He did none of that, of course. It would be fake news to say otherwise.

But the conjuring up of magic and memes became irresistible the moment Trump, shrouded in darkness, dared to gaze upon the globe of light, nay, dared to actually touch it.

Aren’t orbs forbidden?

In reality, the president was inaugurating the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh, alongside the Saudi king and Egyptian president, in a ceremony that felt more like the opening credits for the game show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.”

Then a woman speaking English and a man speaking Arabic explained the purpose of the center, which will digitally monitor extremist activities online, employing specialists in radical ideology and hate speech as analysts. The approach is based on a model used in the United Arab Emirates, according to Axios.

Remember instead Hydra, the fictional terrorist group of the Marvel Comics universe that used futuristic weapons to seek world domination. The similarities between the Saudi orb and Hydra’s “Cosmic Cubes,” which transform wishes into reality were so obvious.

Remember that part in “A Thousand And One Arabian Nights,” the legendary collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian folk tales, when the old man Cohen Al-Abtan instructs his grandsons to discover the treasure of Al-Shamardal and bring him the celestial orb?

Case Western Reserve University professor Peter A. Shulman did.

“If he is angry with a city and wants to burn it, he need only point the orb toward the sun and say, ‘Let such and such a city be burned,’ and that city will be consumed with fire.”

Of course “Magic: The Gathering” and its plethora of orbs got a shout-out. For the uninitiated, “Magic: The Gathering” is a card game that started in the 1990s and remains popular today. Players battle each other using spells, creatures and objects depicted on the cards.

As one woman pointed out on Twitter, the fictional universe contains orbs that summon chaos, stunt rivals’ battlefield abilities and offer protection.

"They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen ...

Why Sweden's ice hockey referees will wear the rainbow flag this season

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The new badges ice hockey referees in Sweden will wear this season. Photo: Svenska Ishockeyförbundet

Sweden's ice hockey referees will fly the rainbow colours of the pride flag this season in an initiative designed to make the sport more inclusive and help cut out discriminatory behaviour.

Created by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet) in cooperation with the Swedish Sports Confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet), the "Ice Breaker" project will mean referees and assistants in the SHL, SDHL, Hockey Allsvenskan, Hockeyettan and J20 SuperElit leagues wear the rainbow badge on their jerseys throughout the competitive year.

It came to fruition after organizers realized that like many sports, ice hockey needs to do more work on equality issues.

"We respect and care for each other in both our words and actions – on and off the ice," Joel Hansson, head of referees at the Swedish Ice Hockey Association, told The Local.

"We will always actively work to make our sport more accessible for everyone who wants to be a part of it, no matter your nationality, ethnic background, religion, age, gender, or sexual orientation. The chance to be part of our democratic sport will always be at the forefront of all the work we do," he added.

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Referees have reacted positively to the move and are happy the matter is being taken seriously according to Hansson. While rules are already in place that punish infractions involving homophobic or discriminatory language used by players, organizers hope the new initiative will raise more awareness about what is appropriate and not.

Along with the patches, referees are being given workshops and will have a post-season debriefing next year. In the long-term, it is hoped that the macho culture in the sport can be changed, and that will be reflected through the public’s view of ice hockey in the country, in turn encouraging new referees into the game.

Previous moves to stamp out homophobia in ice hockey have occurred at a club level in Sweden. In 2014, Kiruna IF started playing in a rainbow-coloured kit, and they have since marched in the Stockholm Pride parade.

Kiruna IF's 2014-15 jersey was their first to feature the pride flag, and subsequent kits continue to incorporate the colours. Photo: Kiruna IF/TT

It's funny the greatest xenophobes and pirates of their era were the vikings. Raping and pillaging was a fine art to them. They're on the patch. But there is a message there. They killed Christians. Forewarned is forearmed.

In this year dire portents appeared over Northumbria and sorely frightened the people. They consisted of immense whirlwinds and flashes of lightning, and fiery dragons were seen flying in the air. A great famine immediately followed these signs, and a little after that in the same year, on 8 June, the ravages of heathen men miserably destroyed God's church on Lindisfarne, with plunder and slaughter.

Viking Raids

Sweden lists milk as a hate symbol

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In a new report on "the white hatred" in Sweden, by the Total Defense Research Institute (Foi) commissioned by the government to map comments written on sites on the internet, milk is listed as a hate symbol and a symbol of "white power," along with the okay-symbol much used by Donald Trump.

The stated purpose of the report is to "provide an insight into some digital environments whose common denominator is that they are all xenophobic".

Expressing threats or profanity is considered to be an example of hatred, but expressions of anxiety or fear are also considered to be hatred, according to the report.

From the report:

The report is of course the first step to change the constitution, which the Swedish government wants to do to prohibit certain websites that reveal the ethnicity of convicted criminals, and to silence free speech.

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And frankly they have no choice, because anger is growing rapidly in Sweden, shows a new study:

Study: Swedes attitude to immigration is deteriorating fastest