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Do Russia/NATO Military Drills Signal Something Ominous?

Posted by George Freund on April 1, 2015 at 4:30 PM

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Brandon Turbeville

Activist Post


While most individuals assume that both historical and future events arise as a result of a series of massive and seismic actions, the truth is often that a whimper precedes the bang. While many events are indeed sparked by a single definitive act, it is also true that, in the events leading up to the defining moment, rarely does the general public realize that they are walking along the path to such an event. Even rarer is the individual who realizes that this path was already carved out by high-level players in the halls of banks, corporations, governments, and secret societies long before the destination is ever reached.


For instance, most scholars present the events leading up to World War I as an immediate reaction to the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by a shadowy semi-secret society that was not fundamentally connected to any other secret establishment. The truth, however, is that not only was the Black Hand a part of a Revolutionary Freemasonic structure and the war itself a carefully orchestrated plot that involved the personal attention and assembly of King Edward VII as well as British and French Freemasonic Lodges, but it was not solely a reaction to the assassination of Ferdinand.


More importantly for the context of this article is the fact that, for thirty days after the assassination, life, for the most part, continued on without any apparent changes in the lives of the general public. Indeed, in the month after the assassination of Ferdinand, the majority of the world’s population hadreturned to what has been described as a “dreamlike trance” of ignorance even as the declarations of war were being prepared behind the scenes.


The time of this “dreamlike trance” – July 1914 – may very well bear relevance to the time in which we find ourselves today. While we must do our best to avoid sensationalism, the question of US-Russia relations, US imperialism, and the geopolitical imperatives of the US, Russia, China, and NATO compounded by the overwhelming ignorance of the general public is one that should cause some concern as to whether or not we find ourselves in a similar situation today.


For instance, over the last few months, Russian and NATO war games have become increasingly aggressive despite being largely ignored in the mainstream media except for the obvious propaganda opportunities. Any real and legitimate discussion about what these drills may actually mean has obviously been left out with the Western mainstream press using them to simply promote the infantile narrative that NATO’s drills are for readiness and protection of the free world against the aggressive Hitlerian Russians while the Russian drills are preparations to storm Eastern Europe and re-impose the Iron Curtain.


Virtually since the conflict began, US/NATO have provoked the situation even further (quite the feat after having engineered the Euromaidan color revolution to begin with) by arming and training Ukrainian fascists and by holding military “drills” across Eastern Europe and even Western Ukraine.


While the fact that the Euromaidan movement and the subsequent ouster of Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych was initiated by the United States and NATO is clear enough, which side of the geopolitical tug of war initiated the first round of military drills over Ukraine is not as easily determined. While Russia’s position is undoubtedly defensive in regards to Ukraine, both sides of the geopolitical conflict have been flexing their muscles since the crisis began in earnest.


Early on, of course, these drills appeared as mere “muscle flexing” between to world powers intent on showing off each other’s military strength as well as their commitment to their respective positions. Yet, as time moved on these military “drills” developed into something more physically imposing, suggesting that the drills were in fact a public but subtle warning that military force would be met with equal or greater military force.

Despite reports by the Western mainstream press suggesting a “Russian Troop Buildup Along the Border with Ukraine” which was, in actuality, nothing more than photographs of drills that had taken place in August of 2013 (months before the US-backed protests toppled Yanukovych), military drills appear to have been conducted in tandem with one another and by both sides of the conflict equally.


For instance, in May, 2014, both the United States and Russia conducted large-scale nuclear war drills within a week of one another. Despite the apocalyptic nature of the drills, the maneuvers were largely seen as a show of strength and veiled threat between the two countries.


The next month, Vladmir Putin ordered snap military drills to take place across central Russia which were the largest since Russia annexed Crimea a few months earlier. In August, Russia took part in another drill near the Ukrainian border.


In September, 2014, the United States and NATO then went further to stage military drills inside Western Ukraine even as intense fighting was taking place in the countries’ eastern region. It was during this Rapid Trident exercise that MH17 crashed over Ukraine. Another NATO drill, BREEZE 2014, concluded on July 17th, the day that MH17 crashed and involved commercial traffic monitoring as well as "reaction to asymmetric threat warnings, anti-submarine warfare and artillery firing." BREEZE 2014 also involved “commercial air traffic monitoring.”


The most assertive and concerning military drills from the Russian side (only to be eclipsed by the drills of the American side taking place at the same time) came after nine-day absence of Vladmir Putin and involved the infantry, Air Force, Spetsnaz troops, and other military branches all across the country. The drills were set to practice repelling a land-sea-air military invasion on its western, northern, southern, and eastern fronts.


As RT reported at the time,

Motorized infantry, combat aviation and Spetznaz troops have been put on alert in all nine time zones of the Russian Federation, including the Volga region, Urals, Western Siberia, the Far East region and the Pacific, the North Caucasus and along the borders of NATO member states from the Arctic through to the Baltic and Black Sea.

RT reports the “drill” deployments as follows:

The operational zone of the Northern Fleet's drills has been expanded to the Norwegian Sea, and the number of deployed naval task groups has been increased to five, the Defense Ministry reported.

"The commanding staff of the Northern Fleet has decided to build up the contingent involved in training missions to defend Russia's borders in the Arctic," the ministry said in a statement.

More than 20 ships of the Russia’s Baltic Fleet are out at sea conducting defense drills, the Russian Western Military District’s press service announced on Wednesday.




A tactical group of the Russian Black Sea fleet will hold military exercises on Thursday, targeting decoy enemy bombers and battleships.

Paratroopers from the Ivanovo Airborne Division have been relocated inside the Arctic Circle next to the Norwegian border on Ilyushin Il-76 airlifters to train countering subversive groups, maintain anti-aircraft defense, perform engineering and radiation reconnaissance and sharpen field camouflage skills.


The Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday that Russian marines from Temryuk in south Russia's Krasnodar region have been put on full combat readiness and are training next to the Kerch Strait connecting the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The units are conducting exercises in conditions similar to real military activities, using simulation tools to train counteracting subversive groups and repelling enemy amphibious assault landings.


Russia’s strategic command has put mechanized troops of the Eastern Military District, deployed on the island of Sakhalin in the Pacific, on the highest levels of combat alert. Up to 3,000 troops and nearly 1,000 military vehicles are training defense of the coast in close cooperation with the Air Force.


Over 30 army aviation crews are being relocated from airfields in the Leningrad and Smolensk regions to a military airfield in the Arctic. Mil Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters are set to cover over 1,500 kilometers with a stopover for refueling in the Karelia region.


About 80 military pilots of the Eastern Command are taking part in ‘Airdarts’ contest that includes performing air stunts, bomb-dropping and unguided missiles firing, using Su-25, Su-27SM, Su-24M2 assault and fighter jets.


Assault helicopter pilots are training live ammo shooting, ultra-low flying and evading air defenses.


Over 2,000 engineer troops and 350 special vehicles of the Central Military Command are training in demining all types of military explosives, using brand-new standoff IED detection vehicles.


The ongoing snap check of the military involves about 76,000 troops, over 10,000 units of military hardware and special equipment, 65 battleships,16 support vessels, 15 submarines, 200 warplanes and helicopters.

The drills being held in Russia are the largest yet and represent an escalation in the crisis despite a shaky ceasefire in Ukraine.


Still, the American side has responded concurrently with drills of its own, flooding a number of Baltic states with US/NATO military personnel and equipment. Operation Atlantic Resolve has resulted in thousands of US troops alone and hundreds of US tanks flooding several of these Baltic countries receiving a mixed welcome from the locals. This drill has resulted in what has been referred to as a “line of troops.”


RT quotes Col. Michael Foster of the 173rd Airborne Brigade as stating that, “As you connect countries, there is almost a line of US troops.”


The host nations include Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia as well as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Western Ukraine. The Black Sea is also a site of US/NATO “drills.”


These troops are being deployed not only in countries that border Russia but in areas that themselves are physically close to the Russian borderline.

Thus, with the Russian forces on high alert and with virtually the entire country being put in place under the pretense of “drilling” to repel any land, air, or sea based force that may try to invade Russia (as well as “subversive” groups) and the US military’s “line of troops” placed right at Russia’s doorstep, one would be justified in wondering whether or not Russia and the US/NATO are truly taking part in legitimate military drills – even for the show of strength and deterrence – or if they are actually putting their military personnel in place for a direct military conflict.


In other words, it is a legitimate question to wonder whether or not Russia and NATO are engaging in troop placement under the guise of drills for a real war.


Indeed, one would be entirely justified in wondering whether we are seeing the chess pieces being set for a major military confrontation beginning in Eastern Europe but finding its way to North America and eventually enveloping the entire world.


Given the track record of both governments, it is entirely plausible to believe that, if both nations were indeed placing their military personnel in strategic positions, the cover of “drills” could and would be used so as not to forewarn the general public or cause panic in society and hamper the war effort. In addition, the cover of military drills and exercises is obviously a tactic available to governments whereby they are able to position military personnel in prime locations before any actual combat has taken place.[1]


With all of this in mind, we must begin to ask ourselves, “Are the American people in a dreamlike trance?”


“Are we in July, 1914?”




[1] Stalin: The First In-depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives, Anchor, (1997) ISBN 0-385-47954-9, pages 454-459


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Brandon Turbeville is an author out of Florence, South Carolina. He has a Bachelor's Degree from Francis Marion University and is the author of six books, Codex Alimentarius -- The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1and volume 2, and The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria. Turbeville has published over 500 articles dealing on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville's podcast Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

For those who follow the Google Doodles codes, the Breeze 2014 Exercise takes more merit with the World Cup Doodles forecasting The War of Gog and Magog.



1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA

Posted by George Freund on March 31, 2015 at 7:05 AM

Bald's Leechbook


An eye salve from Anglo-Saxon manuscript Bald's Leechbook was found to kill MRSA

A 1,000-year-old treatment for eye infections could hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs, experts have said.

Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a cow's stomach.

They were "astonished" to find it almost completely wiped out methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA.

Their findings will be presented at a national microbiology conference.

The remedy was found in Bald's Leechbook - an old English manuscript containing instructions on various treatments held in the British Library.

Anglo-Saxon expert Dr Christina Lee, from the University of Nottingham, translated the recipe for an "eye salve", which includes garlic, onion or leeks, wine and cow bile.

Experts from the university's microbiology team recreated the remedy and then tested it on large cultures of MRSA.




Tom Feilden, science editor Today Programme

The leechbook is one of the earliest examples of what might loosely be called a medical textbook

It seems Anglo-Saxon physicians may actually have practised something pretty close to the modern scientific method, with its emphasis on observation and experimentation.

Bald's Leechbook could hold some important lessons for our modern day battle with anti-microbial resistance.


In each case, they tested the individual ingredients against the bacteria, as well as the remedy and a control solution.

They found the remedy killed up to 90% of MRSA bacteria and believe it is the effect of the recipe rather than one single ingredient.

Dr Freya Harrison said the team thought the eye salve might show a "small amount of antibiotic activity".

"But we were absolutely blown away by just how effective the combination of ingredients was," she said.

Dr Lee said there are many similar medieval books with treatments for what appear to be bacterial infections.

She said this could suggest people were carrying out detailed scientific studies centuries before bacteria were discovered.

The team's findings will be presented at the Annual Conference of the Society for General Microbiology, in Birmingham.


Bald's eye salve

 Bald's eyesalve


Equal amounts of garlic and another allium (onion or leek), finely chopped and crushed in a mortar for two minutes.

Add 25ml (0.87 fl oz) of English wine - taken from a historic vineyard near Glastonbury.

Dissolve bovine salts in distilled water, add and then keep chilled for nine days at 4C.




Posted by George Freund on March 29, 2015 at 3:40 PM

Father who blamed police for not stopping his daughter joining ISIS screams 'burn USA' - and stands just feet from Lee Rigby's killer - at Muslim demo

Father of one of three schoolgirl 'jihadi brides' captured on camera at rally

Abase Hussen blamed police for placing a 'heavy burden' on his daughter

But he can be seen chanting at fanatic protest alongside Lee Rigby killer

Footage shows him next to Michael Adebowale as a US flag is burned

Among the rabble-rousers was notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary

Hussen's daughter Amira Abase fled the UK last month to join ISIS

He addressed Home Affairs Select Committee in wake of her disappearance


PUBLISHED: 22:00 GMT, 27 March 2015 | UPDATED: 09:05 GMT, 28 March 2015

His face twisted in fury, Abase Hussen punches his fist into the air and launches into an Islamic war cry.

‘Burn, burn USA,’ he yells from his prime spot at the front of one of the most notorious rallies in recent times.

Once the crowd is whipped into a fever, an American flag is set on fire and held aloft by a fanatic. Video footage shows Mr Hussen desperately trying to hold the burning flag as the chanting behind him intensifies.

Abase Hussen (circled right), whose daughter fled the UK last month to join ISIS, was pictured at an Islamic protest alongside Lee Rigby killer Michael Adebowale (circled left)


Adebowale, who killed Lee Rigby alongside Michael Adebolajo, turns to reveal his face at the notorious rally


Vicious: In 2012, Abase Hussen (left) marched at the head of a violent rally held by Muslim extremists in London, taking part in the burning of an American flag


He manages to grab the flag briefly before being forced to drop it because of the power of the smoke and flames.


As the remainder of the flag burns on the ground, Mr Hussen chants ‘Allahu Akbar’.


He pushes the palm of his hand repeatedly toward the embers, rejoicing at the destruction of the stars and stripes.


Mr Hussen – the father of one of the three schoolgirls who fled Britain to join Islamic State – then turns his attention to a burning Israeli flag on the floor and begins to chant and gesture toward it.


He is one of a dozen fanatics standing behind a banner which proclaims: ‘The followers of Mohammed will conquer America.’ Behind him, hundreds of fanatics repeatedly chant incendiary slogans while holding menacing black jihadi flags.


Among the rabble-rousers was notorious hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who has led a number of Islamist groups that were subsequently banned.


Alongside him stood Michael Adebowale, one of the two Muslim converts who murdered and almost beheaded Fusilier Lee Rigby in the name of Allah eight months later.


Sinister: Also at the rally was Adebowale who went on to murder soldier Lee Rigby the following year


Respectable: Abase Hussen, pictured far right, giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee following his daughter's disappearance. The report was released this week


Abu Izzadeen, infamous for heckling former Home Secretary John Reid in 2006, also led some of the chanting.


But last month Mr Hussen gave evidence to Parliament refusing to accept any responsibility for the three schoolgirls’ actions, instead seeking to blame the police, teachers, Turkish officials and others.


In an extraordinary exchange at the home affairs select committee, Mr Hussen, who was with the families of the other two girls, denied even knowing what Islamic radicalisation was.

Cuddly: Hussen appealing for the return of his 'jihadi daughter' a few weeks ago after she ran off

‘As for me, I don’t know the symptoms even — what radicalisation is,’ he told MPs.


Mr Hussen also repeatedly blasted the Metropolitan Police for handing a letter to his daughter requesting parental permission to speak to the girls about a friend who had earlier travelled to Syria. He said police officers should have given it directly to the families.


He said: ‘I strongly disagree with the letter being given to 15-year-old girls. The word “police” by itself and “terrorism” or “counter-terrorism”, as global issues – it is a heavy burden for a 15-year-old to deal with that. We also feel that we are neglected as parents.


‘We are supposed to know these things. We are the guardians. The letter destructs our daughter, destructs our family and terrorises our children. What we want to know is: apart from this letter, what was the verbal conversation with this child? I know my daughter. She is the kind of girl who, if it is sunset, she will call me to pick her up.


‘How on earth she travelled abroad to join ISIS, is a very difficult question for us to answer – even to predicate. The letter terrified my daughter.’

The families were led by their lawyer Tasnime Akunjee, once the representative of a close associate of the Woolwich killers, who repeatedly demanded an apology.


Mr Akunjee, who has posted extremist views on his Facebook page, accused Scotland Yard of a catalogue of errors in its handling of the disappearance of the trio in February and their close friend in December.


In a 45-minute grilling in front of the families, Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was forced to apologise for failing to communicate more directly with the families. Giving evidence to the committee, Mr Hussen claimed he did not know that his daughter Amira might have been exposed to radical views.


Chairman Keith Vaz pressed him on this point, asking him: ‘Did it come to your attention in any way that they were involved in the kinds of things that it is alleged that they were involved in following this becoming public?’ Mr Hussen replied: ‘Not at all. Nothing.’


Chilling: A CCTV image of 15-year-old Amira Abase, Kadiza Sultana, 16, and Shamima Begum, 15, at Gatwick Airport before they caught their flight to Turkey


Fanaticism: Footage of the controversial rally showed Mr Hussen chanting among the crowds of protesters. The demonstration, held in 2012, was led by firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary and attended by Lee Rigby's killer


Extremist: The protest was led by the hate preacher and notorious rabble rouser Anjem Choudary, who made a speech saying that Sharia would take over the entire world, including America and the UK


Shocking: Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage (pictured) to see if any criminal offences had been committed


What the MPs were not told was that Mr Hussen was caught on camera in one of a wave of demonstrations that took place across the world in September 2012.


Thousands had taken to the streets to protest against an obscure film called Innocence of Muslims, criticised for ridiculing Islam.


In London, more than 150 clashed with police outside the US embassy. They included Luton radicals Abu Rahin Aziz, who is fighting for Islamic State, and Saiful Islam, who was the subject of a Channel 4 exposé called Proud and Prejudiced.


Radical: Amira Abase, 15, daughter of Abase Hussen, travelled to Syria with two other girls

Rahin Aziz has called for Theresa May to be executed, suggested that Islamic State-style executions take place in Trafalgar Square and threatened to blow up Big Ben.


Last night members of the Commons committee expressed their shock and astonishment over Mr Hussen’s activities.


Labour MP Ian Austin said: ‘It is extraordinary that this man blamed the police, the Government, the school, the Turkish government and everyone else for his daughter’s decision to go to Syria but failed to mention his own involvement in an appalling Islamist rally. Perhaps the committee should invite Mr Hussen back so he can explain what he was doing.’


Tory MP Michael Ellis, who also sits on the committee, said: ‘This will come as a surprise to those who heard criticism of the police and school. This raises serious questions about the potential negative influence on an impressionable young mind.’


Mr Vaz said: ‘It is clear that families and communities need to take greater responsibility for protecting young people who could be at risk of radicalisation.


‘Witnesses before the committee are responsible for their own statements. When Mr Hussen gave evidence, he said he had no idea that his daughter had been involved in radicalisation or had been radicalised.’


Amira fled with her friends Shamima Begum, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, from their homes in east London to Syria last month.


The trio were following in the footsteps of Sharmeena Begum, who left their school, Bethnal Green Academy in East London, to go to Syria in December.


Scotland Yard said it would examine the footage to see if any offences had been committed.


Posted by George Freund on March 28, 2015 at 11:05 AM

Tragic: Married father Robert Oliver Calvo,37, was the third American to die in the Germanwings crash

Third American victim in Germanwings crash identified as 37-year-old married father-of-two who was on business trip

- U.S. State Department confirms Robert Oliver Calvo as third victim

- He was born in Spain and lived in Barcelona with wife and children

- Worked for design form Desigual, was on business trip to Dusseldorf

- His father said their family are trying to 'think about the good moments'

- Other two U.S. victims were Yvonne Selke, a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, and her daughter Emily



PUBLISHED: 22:32 GMT, 26 March 2015 | UPDATED: 11:30 GMT, 27 March 2015


The third American killed in the Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps has been identified as Robert Oliver Calvo.


Calvo, 37, was a U.S. citizen who lived with his wife and children in Barcelona, where he worked in real estate for Spanish design firm Desigual.


A frequent traveler, he was embarking on a business trip to Dusseldorf with Spanish colleague Laura Altamira when he boarded the doomed Airbus A320 on Tuesday.


The two other U.S. citizens among the 150 victims on the flight operated by Lufthansa's budget carrier were named yesterday as Booz Allen Hamilton contractor Yvonne Selke and her daughter, Emily.

The above photo struck me as a bit odd from the moment I first saw it. The State Department was slow off the mark in identifying the third American on the Germanwings doomed flight. However, the writing on Mr. Calvo's shirt inspired some interest. GIESSEN is NOT THE SAME. Giessen is a town in Germany. It is about 90 kilometers from co-pilot Andreas Lubitz' parents' home in Montabaur. We show them on a Google map. Is this a cryptic clue that the pilot is not the same person as alleged or that the victim is not the same. Has the third person been created to conceal a more desired target of the NWO? However you mark it, GIESSEN is NOT THE SAME.


Giessen is pegged home. Montabaur is pegged work.

Black box memory card stolen from crash site of Germanwings jetliner? Plausible cover-up theories now taking shape

Posted by George Freund on March 28, 2015 at 9:15 AM


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger


black box


(NaturalNews) For some reason we have yet to fully understand, jetliners keep disappearing or falling out of the sky with disturbing regularity. Air travel is amazingly safe, of course. Statistically, it produces far fewer injuries and deaths than vaccine shots which injure so many children that the United States Congress was forced to set up a special "vaccine court" just to handle all the injury claims and billions of dollars in compensation payouts.


But the circumstances under which jetliners keep disappearing smack of conspiracy and cover-ups. Flight MH370, for example, has still never been located. In July of last year, I was the first independent media journalists to suggest the plane had been hijacked. Mainstream media outlets like CNN ridiculed the theory, but just this month CNN began rolling out the exact same explanation, now claiming the jetliner was, indeed, hijacked. (Funny how CNN's narratives completely flip-flop over time, isn't it?)


Now with the Germanwings jetliner incident, we have the New York Times "pulling a CNN," you might say. According to this NYT story, the memory card of one of the airplane's two black boxes is missing, and the story claims it must have been "destroyed by the impact."


"Investigators have so far been unable to retrieve data from one black box, and the other was badly damaged and its memory card was missing," reports the New York Times.


If you read the logic of that sentence, it seems to state that no data was recovered from either black box, right?


But then in the exact same story, the NYT also reports, "Remi Jouty, director of France's Bureau of Investigation and Analysis, confirmed that audio of voices had been recovered from the black box in the crash of the Germanwings plane in the French Alps."


So, wait: there WAS voice recording data recovered from one of the black boxes? Confusing things even further, another paragraph in the same story says:


At the crash site, a senior official working on the investigation said, workers found the casing of the plane's other black box, the flight data recorder, but the memory card containing data on the plane's altitude, speed, location and condition was not inside, apparently having been thrown loose or destroyed by the impact.


So what we really have here is a story about two black boxes: one which either has voice data on it or doesn't have voice data on it, and the other black box which we are supposed to believe was located but the memory card it protects was missing because it was destroyed even though it was surrounded by a black box that's almost impervious to destruction.

Black boxes are designed to survive plane crashes... DOH!


Now, those of you who understand the laws of physics -- which obviously makes you a terrorist in modern America where any real grasp of scientific reality is widely condemned -- know that black boxes are designed for the precise purpose of making sure nothing inside them gets destroyed even in a violent airplane explosion or impact crash.


If black boxes did not survive plane crashes, there would be no real point in having them in the first place.


It's nearly impossible to destroy these black boxes -- which are really orange -- without resorting to extreme methods of destruction. As this NPR story explains, "The black box must be able to withstand an acceleration of 3,400 Gs (3,400 times the force of gravity)..."


To test the structural integrity of a black box, "[a]t 3,400 Gs," adds, "the CSMU hits an aluminum honeycomb target at a force equal to 3,400 times its weight. This impact force is equal to or in excess of what a recorder might experience in an actual crash."


What the New York Times is now asserting, against all known laws of physics, is that a black box was found, it was opened, the memory card was missing and therefore it must have been "thrown loose or destroyed."


Consider the unlikelihood of such a claim being true. It mirrors the similarly ludicrous claim after 9/11 that the terrorist's passports survived the crash and were found on the sidewalk below the building... but the aircraft black boxes were all destroyed in the crash, of course. And like magic, we're all supposed to believe that U.S. passports will survive an extremely hot explosion that melts steel girders and collapses buildings, but a black box -- which is DESIGNED to be blown up and still survive -- somehow "lost" its memory card as a jetliner descended into terrain.


How convenient.


The far more reasonable explanation, of course -- which also happens to be aligned with the laws of physics -- is that someone took the memory card out of the black box, which is why it's no longer in the black box.


If you scan a quick history of mysterious plane crashes that might be linked to rogue nations or government-run operations, you'll notice that the black boxes are missing from ALL such plane crashes: 9/11, Malaysia Airlines, this Germanwings flight and no doubt many others. Black boxes, it seems, are only found intact when governments want to find them intact.

Why would someone want to take the memory card out of the black box?


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the only reason someone who remove the memory card from the black box is because they won't want the world to find out what's on the memory card.


And what is stored on these memory cards, exactly? Audible recordings of the flight deck and a detailed digital log of every flight command, environmental variable, flight control surface, altitude, heading, airspeed and everything else you might imagine is important in an airliner crash investigation. Black boxes contain all the data needed to entirely reconstruct the accident and find out what happened.


If someone carried out the attack on purpose, they could have easily been pre-positioned on the ground, ready to rush to the wreckage and pull the memory card. Black boxes are not terribly difficult to find if the wreckage is sufficiently broken apart. They're bright orange and unmistakable to identify, even in a pile of wreckage. They are designed to scream out "FIND ME!" in a mass of rubble. Because of the rugged terrain, it took rescue workers many hours to even arrive at the scene, leaving plenty of time for someone with a pre-positioned ground-based scout team to reach the wreckage first.

Why were the pilots apparently unconscious?


One reasonable working theory in all this is that some rogue government wanted to kill someone on the plane but make it look like an accident. Somehow they managed to incapacitate the pilots and then put the plane into a controlled descent into terrain, the theory goes.


"Among the theories that have been put forward by air safety analysts not involved in the investigation is the possibility that the pilots could have been incapacitated by a sudden event such as a fire or a drop in cabin pressure," reports the NYT. "A senior French official involved in the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the lack of communication from the pilots during the plane's descent was disturbing, and that the possibility that their silence was deliberate could not be ruled out."


On this point, I concur. Commercial pilots are incredibly well trained and tend to be very intelligent people. If they were conscious, they would have absolutely noticed the altitude descent, especially when flying among high-altitude mountains. All pilots who are still living are fully aware that if your aircraft altitude goes LOWER than the height of the nearby mountains, you probably need to go full throttle and climb. Monitoring your altitude is one of the very first things all pilots are taught (airspeed, altitude and heading, actually), and commercial pilots are taught to scan their instruments on a regular basis to watch for unexpected readings.


On top of that, pilots tend to be people who prefer to be living rather than dead. In fact, one of the best assurances of pilots doing a good job flying commercial airliners is the inescapable fact that they are on board that same airliner. (Never fly in an aircraft remotely piloted via drone technology, if it ever comes to that...)


Thus, pilots tend to keep passengers alive because they want to keep themselves alive, too. It is almost inconceivable that the two pilots of this Airbus A320 would have both failed to notice the descent in mountainous terrain. The fact that the aircraft obviously did not suffer a sudden flight control failure also means it was not blown up in mid-air.

The list of plausible theories narrows


So what's left in the realm of deductive logic? The list of possibilities narrows rapidly:


• Pilot murder-suicide.


• On-board hijacking that incapacitated the pilots.


• A sophisticated cyber war hack attack that somehow took control of the plane and its communications capabilities.


• A bizarre coincidence of mechanical failures (such as a loss of oxygen) combined with highly unlikely aircraft control failures (loss of altitude calibration or electronics glitches). This possibility is almost certainly ruled out, as all commercial pilots are trained in emergency oxygen mask deployment when noticing signs of hypoxia.


• An unusual electromagnetic attack of some kind -- perhaps a "pulse" weapon that selectively disabled some functionality of the aircraft. (Extremely unlikely.)


The award for the most bizarre theory of all belongs to the "CERN brought down the aircraft" explanation you can read about at All News Pipeline.


We still don't have enough information to know with any degree of certainty what really happened, but we do have enough information to know that the "official narratives" being put out by the media just don't hold water. Not if you believe in the laws of physics, anyway. And if you don't, then how do you think airplanes fly in the first place?


Learn more:


Professional pilots have been reporting on online forums that the black box had already been analysed and revealed that the plane may have crashed because the windscreen cracked, causing a sudden drop in oxygen that rendered the pilots unconscious

Hacked: Did You Really Think Cockpit Door Was Locked?

Posted by George Freund on March 28, 2015 at 7:50 AM

Posted by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on March 27, 2015

In the interest of humiliating the lying press

By Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, Editors

In all likelihood, the cabin crew of the ill fated GermanWings flight could simply have entered the cockpit at any time. If the plane were programmed specially to disallow this normal capability of the Airbus320 series, the airline has failed to inform the public of this.

This information is “confidential” as it would be a theoretical aid to hijackers. Problem is, there are no hijackers, only security agencies that seem to enjoy stealing planes, shooting them down or taking control of their guidance systems. The hijack scenario makes for good TV and convenient cover stories where “dead men tell no tales” and crash scenes are always quickly secured and “seeded” as needed.

Our suicide story is just a new twist on an old tale.

In order to add to the explosion of information about the recent air event over France, we have done some simple research on the operation of the cockpit door of an A320. We have published, below, the operations manual. We also have the following language, taken from the flight crew manual used by Royal Jordanian Airlines, an organization kind enough to have passed this on:

Ident.: DSC-25-11-10-00001006.0001001 / 09 OCT 12

Applicable to: MSN 2649-3685, 4670-5367

A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.

When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).


Scribd Server Hacked and Crashed


The minute we posted the operating plans of for the A320 cockpit door on Scribd, the site was hacked and crashed. This is a screenshot showing the hack:

We changed IP addresses to from the UK to US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and France, the hack is worldwide. Until Scribd is able to be restored, this is a screen print of the offending page from the flight manual:

There are additional questions as to the possibility of a time delay that could disable the keypad, one that can be programmed by the airline itself but it not required and totally optional.

This would mean that it is likely, based on the level of informality at Germanwings, no delay was programmed into the keypad. This would mean that the cabin crew, by this we mean flight attendants, would have the entry code for the cockpit and would most likely be able to enter at will even if the door were in the lock position.


There is a reason we are publishing this, information that previously was not allowed to be in public hands:


The moment, over 24 hours ago, it was mentioned that the “pilot” was “pounding and screaming,” in an attempt to enter the cockpit, this information became of vital public interest. Additionally, as soon as the false information was released that air controllers were unable to contact the crew of the plane, it should have been mentioned that crew members have satellite phones available.


Rather than pounding on a door, the pilot might well have been on the phone asking NORAD to land the plane for him.


These phones are usually in each of the crew areas, fore and aft galleys and often sitting out in the open. A reference is made in this aero-medical flight manual:


For anything other than a very minor medical complaint, the Purser or In-Charge Flight Attendant will normally make a PA announcement asking if there is a doctor or other qualified medical professional (nurse, paramedic etc) on board. If there is a positive response, the medical professional will be asked to assess the patient and to advise the crew of the best course of action.

In the absence of a medical professional (or as a concurrent protocol), many air carriers have a standing arrangement with emergency medical service providers such as Med Link, Stat MD or Med Aire. These service providers can be used both pre-flight and in-flight and can be contacted via satellite phone, high frequency (HF) or very high frequency (VHR) radio phone patch through an ARINC station or by means of Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) equipment. By one of these methods, direct communication with an emergency room/trauma centre physician is possible.


Anti-Hijack System


Again, we mention the same thing we brought up during the disappearance of MH370: Modern “fly by wire” planes have, for years, had auto-land systems onboard that are in place to keep planes from being hijacked and crashed into nuclear power plants. We are told the planes can land using this system in winds up to 30 knots.


We also know that a controlled crash in an area that would cause minimal collateral damage is the second course of events this system is programmed for.


With stories about depression and girl friends being pushed onto the public and very little salient information being given out, information which as usual inexorably leads to unpleasant answers, we have decided to broaden the debate.


All reporting, which for awhile seemed almost rational to a point, has been replaced by agenda driven lies and cover stories. It has begun again.


Posted by George Freund on March 27, 2015 at 9:20 AM

Jurisprudence and the rights of man have taken a definite back seat in this trial by media ordeal displayed in one of the greatest psychological operations in modern times. A young pilot named Andreas Lubitz is being crucified in the media. His 'crime' might be he sought psychiatric help. He was supposed to be at the controls of Flight 4U 9525 when it crashed. The pilot was locked out of the cabin which was standard procedure in the post 9/11 we must be safe world. However, the only evidence I've heard from the cockpit voice recorder was he was breathing. The rest is conjecture. What if he just passed out. Things like that do happen for a broad range of issues. Many common medicines make you drowsy. Psychiatric meds known as SSRI'S have terrible side effects including delusions. Many young people and older ones too party hearty. What if he had little sleep. Many airline companies work their pilots hard to fit schedules. The rigors of shifts and time zone changes can also have an effect.

By leaping to conclusions our media watch dog has started to lead a lynch mob to burn Andreas resembling a witch burning. What is lost is the truth. What were the fighter jets doing escorting the flight? What was the explosion reported? Who was the third unidentified American? Was he taking the family jewels of the American intelligence services abroad? We know Yvonne Selke had the keys to the store with her job at Booz Allen Hamilton's National Geospaital-Intelligence Agency project. That could win or lose a war with Russia. Then the CIA let Roger the drone specialist go. Did he order the shoot down? When the smoke dies down we may see the truth of the matter. However, in the short run the smoke from the embers surrounding Andreas the witch make that impossible.

We resume the media circus.

Germanwings co-pilot nicknamed 'Tomato Andy' tore up sick note on the day he crashed jet and hid secret illness from the company, prosecutor reveals


Pilot Andreas Lubitz might have been suffering a 'personal crisis' after failed relationship, it was claimed last night

He had suffered from depression and 'burnout' and was once deemed 'unfliable' but was later passed as fit to fly

Head of Lufthansa admitted the 28-year-old had slipped through the 'safety net' - with devastating consequences

Friends said he was teased and called 'Tomato Andy' because he worked as a flight steward before qualifying

German detectives yesterday carried out a four-hour search of his Dusseldorf flat and searched his family home

Police said to have found evidence of mental illness, but no suicide note at flat he is said to share with girlfriend




PUBLISHED: 23:21 GMT, 26 March 2015 | UPDATED: 12:05 GMT, 27 March 2015


The co-pilot who crashed his plane into a mountain killing himself and 149 people hid a secret illness from his employers, German prosecutors have revealed.


Andreas Lubitz locked the captain out of the of the Airbus A320's cockpit before setting the plane's controls to descend into a rocky valley, it emerged yesterday.


Following a search of Lubitz's Dusseldorf apartment, investigators today revealed they had found old torn-up sick leave notes, current ones and one issued for the day of the disaster.


Prosecutors said the finds indicate Lubitz may have had a medical condition which he kept secret from his employers, budget airline Germanwings.


They said have found no suicide note or claim of responsibility and no evidence of a political or religious motivation.


As well as having been signed off from training with depression in 2008, it was reported this morning that Lubitz had continued to receive mental health support up until this week's crash.


The 28-year-old may have been in the middle of the 'relationship crisis' with his girlfriend in the weeks before the crash and was struggling to cope with a break-up, German newspaper Bild reported.


Slipped through the net: Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz had suffered from depression and ‘burnout’ which had held up his career


New information about Lubitz's life emerged just hours after police investigating the disaster began a four-hour search of his flat, which he is said to have shared with a girlfriend.


Yesterday, the boss of Germanwings admitted Lubitz had slipped through the ‘safety net’ and should never have been flying. It was also revealed that the fitness fanatic had suffered from depression and ‘burnout’ which had held up his career.


He reportedly received a year and half of psychiatric treatment and was at one point recommended to be examined by a doctor before flying.


But, incredibly, he passed his psychological assessments and was later considered fit to fly.

Germany’s Federal Aviation Office confirmed this morning that Lubitz had a medical condition noted in his pilot’s records which required him to have a regular examination.


It was reported this morning that during his education at the Lufthansa Flight School in Phoenix, Arizona, he was listed temporarily as 'unfliable'.


It was suggested today that Lubitz - who had worked for Lufthansa as a cabin attendant for nearly a year before being accepted for flight training - may have been teased by other pilot's over his previous role.


A friend said: 'His nickname was "Tomato Andy" - a reference to his past employment as a flight steward'.


Another told Bild: 'He always had high ambitions but was considered to be second-league because he had been a flight attendant. He always wanted to fly long distance, above all to San Francisco. But he was always put off. Only later was he eventually allowed to fly European routes.'


Prosecutors yesterday revealed chilling recordings from the doomed aircraft showing that piano teacher’s son Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit so he could crash the plane into an alpine ravine.


In audio files extracted from the plane's cockpit voice recorder - discovered on Wednesday at the remote crash site - the captain was heard growing increasingly distressed as he tried to force his way back into the flight deck.


Reports in Germany this morning suggest the locked-out pilot may have resorted to using an axe in a desperate bid to get through the armoured door as the plane hurtled towards the ground.


Prosecutors said the screams of passengers aware of their fate could be heard in the final seconds.


In a blunt admission, Carsten Spohr, the head of Lufthansa which owns the budget airline, admitted Lubitz had slipped through the safety net with devastating consequences.


‘The pilot had passed all his tests, all his medical exams,’ he said. ‘He was 100 per cent fit to fly without any restrictions.


'We have at Lufthansa, a reporting system where crew can report – without being punished – their own problems, or they can report about the problems of others without any kind of punishment.


'All the safety nets we are all so proud of here have not worked in this case.’



Posted by George Freund on March 26, 2015 at 9:25 AM

This will be developed as the days progress. Suffice it say the co-pilot tale is a cover story. He can't deny it now. There was a contractor from Booz Allen Hamilton aboard. There will be no more Edward Snowden's. There was a third unidentied American aboard. That person may even be a more important target.

Yvonne Selke Was Working on a $315 Million Project for the Pentagon

The Associated Press reports that Selke was a “longtime and highly regards employee” of Booz Allen Hamilton, the strategy and technology consulting firm. The AP says that she worked on the company’s contract with the National Geospaital-Intelligence Agency in the Pentagon. According to a March 2013 press release from Booz Hamilton, the firm had a $315 million contract with the Department of Defense. In a brief statement upon learning of her passing, Booz Hamilton said she worked with the company for 23 years.

Make no mistake about it this was a high level HIT!

Many countries are mourning the victims of the crash, with more than a dozen nations involved. French President Francois Hollande, seen here between Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has promised to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with all of those affected.

The two Iranian victims on Germanwings 4U 9525 were both sports journalists who had travelled to Barcelona to cover Sunday's match between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Milad Hojatoleslami worked for semi-official Tasnim news agency and Hossein Javadi was a journalist at the Vatan-e-Emrouz newspaper.


They had waited at the airport in Barcelona for two days to find cheap tickets for a flight to Germany.


Posted by George Freund on March 25, 2015 at 9:40 AM

The world experienenced another bizarre crash of an airliner. Ironically it came at the end of the Quinquaria most likely something you haven't placed on your holiday calendar. However, in some cirles the ancient Roman religions are still all the rage. Your ignorance of same does not mitigate their festivals. The goddess Minerva had a 5 day ritual celebration. The first day the 19th of March did not involve sacrifice. However, the next four did. So though we do not celebrate these 'holidays,' it doesn't mean others don't in their dark cloisters.

Germanwings Flight 4U 9525 crashed under mysterious circumstances yesterday. For some bizarre reason it lost altitude after taking off from Barcelona en route to Dusseldorf. It crashed into a mountain. All were killed. There were reports the plane was escorted by fighter jets. That implies some degree of knowledge to time a response. There were reports of a MAYDAY call originally. It was then denied. The cover story said there was no communication from the plane. It descended over eight minutes and crashed with no word from the pilots. Reports are now surfacing that the aircraft was grounded and had safety issues. A sister had issues four months ago. We cannot verfify these claims as accurate. We can explore the past Roman practices and observe similarities.

In 59 Emporer Nero invited his mother Agrippina the Younger to his villa in an assassination attempt at the Quinquatria. His tutor Anicetus rose to become the captain of the fleet at  Misenum. He constructed a vessel that was designed to sink without raising suspicion. It did, but Agrippina made it to shore. He succeeded in his task at a later date. The future is observed frequantly through looking at the past. Some celebrate old rituals and study long forgotten conspiracies. It seems odd at the end of the Quinquatria a vessel designed to fail by possible neglect took the lives of so many. Was it a blood sacrifice as we alluded to coming on the horizon? Europe's leaders looked 'shocked.' Are they? Europe is the revived Roman Empire. They are the glory of Rome. Were they celebrating?


10:01Flight 4U9525 departs Barcelona for Dusseldorf  
10:27Flight reaches its cruising altitude without incident  38,000 520
10:29Aircraft crosses the French coast just east of Marseille 38,000 532
10:30Aircraft continues at its cruising altitude  38,000 547
10:31The aircraft appears to have dropped more than 2,000 feet  37,975 549
10:32The pilot fails to inform Air Traffic control of the drop in altitude 35,575 544
10:33The jet continues along its course but has lost almost 8,000 feet 32,625 544
10:34Radar returns show the jet starts to increase its speed 28,875 552
10:35After five minutes, the aircraft has dropped almost 14,000 feet 24,650 560
10:36The doomed jet passed over Montagnac-Montepezat  20,300 547
10:37 Next the jet passed Puimoisson Airport continuing its rapid descent 17,050 518
10:38 Seven minutes into the emergency the jet had lost 25,000 feet 13,300 496
10:39 Now the jet was passing the 4,000ft high Upper Bleone Forest 10,475 473
10:40 One minute from impact, the jet was 4,000 feet above the ground 8,250 442
10:41 Air traffic controllers lose contact with the aircraft 6,800 435
10:47 French Air Traffic declares an emergency  

Source: FlightRadar24 


Ironically Air France Flight 178 crashed nearby in 1953. There were no survivors either. Violinist Jacques Thibaud was among the dead. In a bizarre twist of fate the Dalkurd FF team from Borlaenge, Sweden was booked on the flight and cancelled at the last moment. That was part of the news in Australia. I missed it in other media. Perhaps they declined to report the miracle. Dalkurd FF is of course a Kurdish team. The Kurds are actively fighting in Iraq and Syria. There could be significance or even a tip off. Events are usually quite complicated. As the days go by we shall learn more of both the truth and the cover story. Both are intertwined.


Posted by George Freund on March 24, 2015 at 7:55 AM

In a parallel to the Liberal governments of yesteryear and their use of the victim parades of tirades against the lawful possession of firearms, our Conservative regime has done the same trick. This time it is the lawful possession of rights and Constitutional safeguards. Freedom is the NEW ENEMY. It must be extinguished as a national priority. If it did not accept our victim could be risen Christ like from the dead and restored to life because the police state would have saved JUST ONE LIFE. However, the police state has actually taken hundreds of millions of lives in the last century. I take no heed to the parade of victims and their tirade to manipulate public opinion through emotion to actually harm ourselves and DESTROY the fabric of a just society all our previous veterans gave their lives for. If this is the net result better they stayed home and learned German. For with Stephen Harper and his merry band of fascists have overturned their victory and turned it into DEFEAT, but that is why he is the tool of the notorious Bilderberg Group founded by a Nazi SS Colonel. HEIL HARPER! SIEG HEIL! I won't be fooled. We say NO to the POLICE STATE!

Bill C-51: Sister of slain soldier Patrice Vincent testifies as committee review resumes

Proposed anti-terrorism bill raises questions about unlawful but peaceful protests like blockades

By Kady O'Malley, Laura Payton, CBC News Posted: Mar 23, 2015 12:33 PM ET Last Updated: Mar 24, 2015 7:44 AM ET

Sister of slain soldier endorses anti-terror bill 

Academics, digital rights activists and the sister of slain soldier Patrice Vincent took centre stage at the House public safety committee on Monday night as MPs resumed their review of the government's proposed anti-terror bill.


Justice Minister Peter MacKay, left, suggests non-violent protests wouldn't fall under the broad definition of terrorism included in his government's proposed legislation, Bill C-51, despite questions raised by legal experts and critics of the bill. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)


Louise Vincent, sister of Vincent, the soldier killed by Martin Couture-Rouleau last fall, urged MPs to give law enforcement and government agencies more freedom to share information.


She noted the RCMP hadn't been able to get a peace bond against Couture owing to the high evidence threshold. She also suggested that, under the new laws, Couture's family and friends might have been able to warn police and prepare more material for the RCMP that would have allowed a warrant to be granted


If that had happened, she said, "my brother would not be dead today."


"Patrice Vincent must not have died in vain," she told the committee. "We need this."


Bill C-51: Ex-judges join Tom Mulcair in fight against 'dangerous' draft law

Bill C-51 'Day of Action' protests denounce new policing powers

CSIS helped government prepare for expected Northern Gateway protests

OpenMedia president Steve Anderson came to committee bearing a petition signed by more than 100,000 Canadians who, he said, agree that the bill is "reckless and dangerous."


He pointed to the enhanced information sharing it would allow, which, he suggested, could result in law-abiding Canadians having their personal data trafficked among as many as 17 departments and agencies.


Anderson also cautioned MPs that "careless drafting" could ultimately hinder police investigations, thus making Canadians less safe.


Threats 'are real'


After her topless protest against the government's proposed anti-terror bill, Neda Topaloski was taken out of the public gallery by security and ticketed for public indecency by the RCMP. She was also banned from the Hill precinct for a year. (CBC)


The committee also heard a dire warning from Simon Fraser University professor Gareth Davies, who told MPs that, while he isn't a lawyer, he has spent years studying terrorism.


"The threats to Canadian lives are real," he said, as he outlined the changing risks, from effectively "meaningless" borders to the phenomenon of self-radicalized "lone wolf" attackers.


"It has changed the context of terrorism and our conversation around it, and we need to modernize our thinking," he told the committee — and he sees the bill as a necessary part of a "larger process" that recognizes those new dynamics.


He predicted that the next attack "will likely not involve storming Parliament," but something else entirely.


Demonstrators protest at a national day of action against Bill C-51 in Toronto March 14. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press)


The committee also heard from Connie Fournier, founder of the "principled conservative" website, who appeared alongside Anderson and Canadian Civil Liberties Association executive director Sukanya Pillay as representatives of the Protect Our Privacy coalition.


The National Firearms Association was originally slated to appear as part of the Protect Our Privacy Coalition, but pulled out late last week.


During the question-and-answer session, Fournier called on Conservative MPs to heed the same concerns that had led the party to vote unanimously in favour of repealing the "hate speech" provisions of the Canadian Human Rights Act in 2012.


Like that section, she said, the bill before the committee is "broad and vaguely worded," with even the word "terrorist" not defined, and lacks due process, as the court proceedings would take place ex parte and in camera.


Even the two witnesses most supportive of the bill — Davies and University of Western Ontario professor Salim Mansur — had no objections to Liberal MP Wayne Easter's proposal that the bill be amended to remove the word "lawful" from the section exempting some protests from being targeted by the new provisions.


Former Conservative senator Hugh Segal also appeared before the committee to urge the government to consider increasing the oversight powers.


Non-violent protests won't be targeted: MacKay


Earlier in the day, Justice Minister Peter MacKay suggested non-violent protests wouldn't fall under the broad definition of terrorism included in his government's proposed legislation, Bill C-51, despite questions raised by legal experts and critics of the bill.


The legislation would give sweeping new powers to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) without increasing oversight for Canadian spies. The government argues judges would have to sign off on certain activities, but the bill would let CSIS itself decide when it needed a judge's permission to breach someone's charter rights.


Bill C-51: Ex-judges join Tom Mulcair in fight against 'dangerous' draft law

Bill C-51 'Day of Action' protests denounce new policing powers

CSIS helped government prepare for expected Northern Gateway protests

The bill would allow scrutiny and disruptive measures be taken against anyone participating in a range of activities, including unlawful protests. That could include any protest that is peaceful but breaks municipal bylaws, or provincial or federal laws.


MacKay, however, said protesters needn't worry.


"They will continue to have that ability to do so as long as it is peaceful. As long as there is no acts of violence. As long as there is no attempts to create a situation where people would be harmed or critical infrastructure would be harmed," MacKay said at a press conference in Ottawa on Monday.


"Let's speak practically ... if they're not burning police cars or blowing up critical infrastructure, this is not going to be criminalized. If it's simply holding a sign, chanting, starting a petition or protesting, and it is peaceful, it is the type of protest that we are seeing frankly in some communities with the response to C-51, that will of course continue and be perfectly permissible under Canadian law."


Asked specifically about blockades, MacKay wouldn't say whether those would be considered to be harming critical infrastructure.


"There's all sorts of scenarios, it's going to depend on the specifics of the circumstances," he said.


Protester bares breasts in House


MacKay wasn't the only person trying to make news on Bill C-51 Monday morning.


A woman seated in the House of Commons gallery managed to put the government's proposed anti-terror legislation back in the parliamentary spotlight, albeit briefly, when she interrupted the proceedings to raise her voice — and bare her breasts — to protest the bill.


"Seconds ago, tattooed, bare-breasted young #C51 protester in #HoC grabbed and removed by security," Liberal MP Joyce Murray tweeted moments after the interruption took place.


The protest was loud enough to be heard on the feed, however, with the woman yelling that C-51 is a "war on freedom."


FEMEN, a radical feminist protest group, claimed credit for the disruption and identified the protester as one of its members, Neda Topaloski. She was taken out of the public gallery by House security and ticketed for public indecency by the RCMP.


Later in the day, House Speaker Andrew Scheer cleared the way for the committee to continue its study by ruling against a point of order raised by the New Democrats over the heavy-handed tactics employed by the government to cut off debate during the debate process earlier this month.


Bill C-51 power play may come back to haunt Conservative MPs

In his ruling, Scheer noted that past rulings have made it clear that a Speaker cannot intervene in committee disputes unless and until that committee formally reports the matter back to the House. Under current committee structure, that would require the support of at least one Conservative MP.